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White Sox, Molson Coors unveil two new 500-level bars

by Joe Binder

More details have emerged on the two new bars being added to the 500-level at Guaranteed Rate Field.

The White Sox and Miller Coors have released the initial renderings of the pair of bars being added to Sections 516 and 546 ahead of the upcoming 2023 season. The view bars will reportedly feature “walk-up beverage service with seating that offers excellent views of the field, creating new amenities for all fans on the 500-level concourse.”

(via Chicago White Sox)

“Baseball is built on community. We are focused on building new areas around the ballpark designed to allow fans to meet up and experience the game in new ways. We wanted to create a unique experience for fans sitting in the 500-level concourse. These two new view bars invite fans to customize their ballpark experience, providing open spaces to see the game from different perspectives. The White Sox organization is grateful for the partnership of Molson Coors, which shares our passion for delivering creative, engaging spaces at Guaranteed Rate Field.”

– Brooks Boyer, White Sox chief revenue and marketing officer

Fans can expect to find Miller High Life and Blue Moon branding on the view bars. The White Sox say a final look for the areas will be announced closer to the start of the season. It will also be available to all fans in attendance, per the release, not just those in the 500-level.

Today’s official announcement of the project comes after building permits surfaced several months ago. The permit read as follows:

“Structural alterations to two (2) existing 500 level locations at Guaranteed Rate Field for a new outdoor bar with premium seating skybox. Work to include demolition of 8 rows of seats, rearrange entry and exit stairs, structural modifications as needed with minor electrical and plumbing as per plans.”

It appears that Guaranteed Rate Field will lose eight rows of seats in the designated 500-level sections mentioned in the release. According to the website that released the permit, the project is expected to cost approximately $284,500.

Guaranteed Rate Field really hasn’t seen any major changes in recent seasons. The two most recent changes/additions were:

  • The addition of “The Goose Island” (now “Miller Lite Landing”) in right field to replace sections 106 and 107 in 2019.
  • The addition/renovation of the three video boards in the stadium back in 2016.

So, this would be the first major renovation since 2019 as the stadium looks to stay modern and updated and provide fans with new experiences.

As more details emerge, we will provide further updates here and on social media @SoxOn35th!

Featured Photo: Chicago White Sox

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the Sox should sign Bauer for the year they won’t even have to pay him a million dollars. I want Chizolm and give them our 4 top prospects Gio but they will probably want Vaughan which would be bad or Crochet who going to be better than randy Johnson so Moncada or Lance Lynn which I know nobody wants him


Sox have two news bars. Yeppie !

No right fielder
No second baseman.
No closer
No set rotation

You judge a team up the middle.

White Sox grades:
Catcher D-
2B F

Owner D-
Special VP. F

Not sure two alcohol bars will cover the glaring deficiencies.
Gonna need something stronger than alcohol.


For Ebenezer Reinsdorf… it all about how he can suck every dime from the suckers who do go to games on the Southside. He doesn’t care damn bit about team or play on the field.

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