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White Sox receive permit to build new outdoor bar at Guaranteed Rate Field

by Jordan Lazowski

Based on new building permits, it appears some changes may be coming to Guaranteed Rate Field in 2023.

According to @ChiBuildings and chicagocityscape.com, the White Sox have gotten a permit to build a new outdoor bar in the 500 level of Guaranteed Rate Field. To view the full permit, click here.

The permit includes the following description of the work to be done:

“Structural alterations to two (2) existing 500 level locations at Guaranteed Rate Field for a new outdoor bar with premium seating skybox. Work to include demolition of 8 rows of seats, rearrange entry and exit stairs, structural modifications as needed with minor electrical and plumbing as per plans.”

So, Guaranteed Rate Field would stand to lose eight rows of seats in the 500 level, but it is unclear based on the permit where the skybox would be located (whether behind home plate or down one of the lines). According to the website, the project is expected to cost approximately $284,500 and will take 52 days to complete, which should give the team plenty of time to have this ready before Opening Day.

Guaranteed Rate Field really hasn’t seen any major changes in recent seasons. The two most recent changes/additions were:

  • The addition of “The Goose Island” (now “Miller Lite Landing”) in right field to replace sections 106 and 107 in 2019
  • The addition/renovation of the three video boards in the stadium back in 2016

So, this would be the first major renovation since 2019 as the stadium looks to stay modern and updated and provide fans with new experiences.

The White Sox have not yet confirmed these plans publicly or provided any renderings for this project. As more information becomes available regarding this potential addition, we will continue to give updates.

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Featured Image: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

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kenan bulut

Benaire Jordan They head needs to learn how to write.

Benaire Jordan

Before they build a whole new bar they need to fix the step behind home plate on the right side patrons and employees have fallen busted they head even broken a bone and yall building a bar silly


What makes the Sox think any one will attend games next year?!!! It is all about sucking every penny from the fans for Reinsdorf, instead of putting quality on the field. One more reason I refuse to attend games on the Southside as long as Reinsdorf can benefit.

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