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Sox In The Basement Podcast: It’s OK To Boo, White Sox Fans

by Joe Binder

The White Sox ballpark experience reminds the Sox In The Basement crew of a zombie movie, while players are underperforming, and manager Tony La Russa has lost touch with reality. The boo-birds have also been out at this homestand, and the podcast tandem is here for it. But, are the boos just for the players?

Meanwhile, Chris Lanuti speaks with a veteran honored at Thursday’s game who grew up in the shadow of Comiskey Park and once went north to see Jackie Robinson play in 1947. Meet Captain Bill Pinkney during “30 Minutes of Sox!”

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Brought to you by Family Waterproofing SolutionsListen. Subscribe. Share. Call 708-459-8406 and leave your comments and questions for the next episode! Chris Lanuti and his buddy Ed Siebert sit at his 9-foot homemade oak bar in a basement on the South Side of Chicago to discuss their favorite team – The Chicago White Sox. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, EVERYWHERE podcasts can be found, and ALWAYS at SoxInTheBasement.com!

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