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White Sox Gambling Roundup: Strikeout Kings

by Sox On 35th Contributors

As this season moves along, more trends are beginning to present themselves for bettors to capitalize on. While the team’s overall performance may be a disappointment, the promising trio of Lucas Giolito, Dylan Cease, and Michael Kopech has emerged as one of the filthiest bunches in all of baseball. How profitable has this group been to bet on you may ask? Let’s look at their performance so far this year!

The season-long gambling tracker is available at this link.

6/1 to 6/13 Tracker Snapshot

6/1 to 6/13 Key Stats

White Sox ATS Record: 4-8

White Sox O/U Record: 9-3

Profitable Performance?

While things may seem bleak at the moment regarding the team’s performance, the “Big 3” has been a joy to watch this season. They have regularly turned in dominant performances and have showcased their deep pitching arsenals with great swing and miss stuff.

A fan-favorite player performance prop to bet on is the starting pitcher’s over/under strikeout total. With all three players having strikeout rates among the 35 best of starters in all of baseball, they are typically a great bet to hit the over on their total. The chart below uses previous data from Action Network and Fangraphs to see just how effective this trio is:

PitcherStrikeout O/USO %
Giolito8-230.7 (5th)
Cease8-432.7 (2nd)
Kopech4-625.2 (31st)
Total20-12 (62.5%)

Giolito and Cease have been among the top punchout artists in all of baseball this year

At a 62.5% hit rate for the trio, the over on their strikeout totals has been one of the few consistent things to bet on with the White Sox so far this season. Overall, the team has hit the over on 53% of their strikeout totals, and that’s including starts from back-of-the-rotation types like Dallas Keuchel and Vince Velazquez. With Lance Lynn coming back, one would only imagine that the team’s “over” hit rate would only get better upon his return.

Giolito, Cease, and Kopech have regularly been on highlight reels with their pitching arsenals this season

Futures Bets Outlook

  • Jake Burger odds to win AL Rookie of the Year in April: +10000
  • Jake Burger odds to win AL Rookie of the Year now: +4000

What a revelation Jake Burger has been for this team since being recalled in late May. For a team desperately in need of some offensive life, his bat has been a welcome addition. In only 37 games played, Burger is the team leader in home runs (eight) and third in runs batted in (23). While his defense has been shaky at times, his performance at the plate has forced the team to find a way to get him into the everyday lineup.

In terms of odds to win the AL Rookie of the Year award, he currently only has the seventh best odds to take home some hardware at +4000 (bet $100, win $4000). These are still pretty great odds, considering that due to his hot streak, he has placed himself among the rookie leaders in triple crown categories (batting average, home runs, runs batted in).

What works against Burger to win the award is that he doesn’t play a premium position (third base) compared to some of the other contenders in the AL rookie field, and when he does play, his defense has been lackluster, to say the least.

Still, Jake Burger even being in consideration is a tremendous story given everything that he has been through.

Jake Burger has done everything in his power offensively to try to keep this team afloat

Noticing any other trends this season? Shoot them my way so we can all make some money this year!

Featured Image: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

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