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The Show on 35th League Update

by Jordan Lazowski

As you might remember, once we found out there wouldn’t be baseball for some time, we at Sox On 35th gathered up fans and bloggers from around the White Sox Twitter community and formed our own MLB The Show League. Today, just over a month after it’s beginning, we bring you an update on how some of your favorite Twitter personalities have been doing thus far.

As a reminder, there are two leagues of 16 teams each. Here are the current standings in each of the leagues. Remember, top 8 teams are in the playoffs.

League 1

  1. Jordan Lazowski @jlazowski14 (Reds): 7-1, 0 GB
  2. Travis Alwin @tbonealwin14 (Twins): 7-3, 1 GB
  3. Billy Rehfeld @Billy_Rehfeld (Astros): 6-4, 2 GB
  4. Matt Carlson @mattcarl03 (Dodgers): 5-3, 2 GB
  5. Kevin Napoleon @k_napoleon36 (Athletics): 5-3, 2 GB
  6. Ozney Guillen @OzneyGuillen (Indians): 2-1, 2.5 GB
  7. Brandon Piszczek @BrandonPiszczek (Braves): 2-1, 2.5 GB
  8. Dan Barrios @_db3__ (Nationals): 5-5, 3 GB
  9. WSD @whitesoxdave (Padres): 0-0, 3 GB
  10. Iowa White Sox Fans @IowaSox (Rays): 4-5, 3.5 GB
  11. Matt Zawaski @SouthsideZo (Mets): 4-6, 4 GB
  12. Matt @__matt__12__ (Yankees): 0-2, 4 GB
  13. Brandon Anderson @b_son4 (Brewers): 0-2, 4 GB
  14. Noah Phalen @Noahs_ark_2x2 (Phillies): 2-5, 4 GB
  15. Bubba Spaeth @LilBillyVert19 (White Sox): 1-4, 4.5 GB
  16. Tony Marchese @TonyOnTap (Red Sox): 1-6, 5.5 GB

League 2

  1. Carson Stilp @SoxCarson (Rays): 8-2, 0 GB
  2. Ryan Piontek @TheSouthS1der20 (Astros): 7-1, 0 GB
  3. William Karmin @WilliamKarmin (Nationals): 4-1, 1.5 GB
  4. Nick Klimczak @itsporter15 (Yankees): 3-0, 1.5 GB
  5. Drew @CaptainDrew13 (White Sox): 2-1, 2.5 GB
  6. Greg Mazurkiewi @GregMazurkiewi1 (Brewers): 3-3, 3 GB
  7. Jake Burger @Burgatron13 (Twins): 0-0, 3 GB
  8. Josh Nelson @SoxMachineJosh (Angels): 0-1, 3.5 GB
  9. Matt Klug @MattKlug33 (Red Sox): 3-5, 3.5 GB
  10. Joe Binder @JoeBinder (Reds): 2-4, 4 GB
  11. Jake Bartecki @Bartecki_Jake (Cardinals): 0-2, 4 GB
  12. Buzz @BuzzOnTap (Braves): 0-2, 4 GB
  13. Sox In The Basement @SoxInTheBasemnt (Dodgers): 0-2, 4 GB
  14. Joey Bats @jp261717 (D’Backs): 0-2, 4 GB
  15. Andrew Kinzler @akinz25 (Mets): 3-6, 4.5 GB
  16. Ozzie Guillen Jr. @oguillenjr (Cubs): 0-3, 4.5 GB

Well, well, well, look who’s on top in League 1….

I tried to tell you a month ago!

We’ve gathered up some of the best quotes from the players around the league about their performance, the best players they’ve played, and even some insight into how they play the game! Make sure to add them on Twitter and find some time to play a game against them!

What the Players Said About Their Gameplay

“I think I have done a pretty good job so far, the competition is very good around the league.

Travis Alwin (@tbonealwin14) on his performance compared to his expectations

“Base-running, I look like a toddler out there. I haven’t been very patient at the plate, and I’ve been swinging at some balls that aren’t even visible on my screen.”

Brandon Anderson (@b_son4) on what has gone wrong for him in the games

My pitching has not been good. I’ve pitched some nice games, but I have a lot of improvement if I want a chance to win it all.

Billy Rehfeld (@Billy_Rehfeld) on his pitching performances thus far

My pitching has been keeping me in games.”

Iowa White Sox Fans (@IowaSox) on his gameplay

What the Players Said About Their Competition

“Ryan Piontek (@TheSouthS1der20). He’s playing as the Astros so…. Yeah……”

Carson (@SoxCarson) on the best player he’s played so far

The above quote was seconded by Ozzie Guillen Jr (@oguillenjr).

Everyone has been solid.

Matt Zawaski (@SouthsideZo) on the best player he’s played so far

“AKinz.” (@akinz25)

Brad Squires (@BuzzOnTap) on the best player he’s played so far

“You.” (Jordan Lazowski)

Travis Alwin (@tbonealwin14) on the best player he’s played so far

C’mon, you all should’ve known I’d throw that last one in there.

What the Players Said About Their Strengths/Weaknesses

I regret picking the Red Sox. I’m solid with the lineup, but if Sale isn’t on the mound, it’s over. I’ve thrown him on basically zero energy because he’s still the best option.

Matt Klug (@MattKlug33) on whether he has any regrets from the league

My strength would be my eye. I do a good job not swinging outside of the zone, but sometimes it backfires and I’ll watch strike three. My weakness would be my temper. Whenever I start losing it when I’m pitching, I always make more mistakes cause I get pissed off and just throw heaters down the middle.

Billy Rehfeld (@Billy_Rehfeld) on his strengths and weaknesses

“I’ve been raking with Jose Martinez. Charlie Morton has been my go-to pitcher over Snell.”

Carson (@SoxCarson) on his best pitcher and hitter in the game

“I pitch well, I am very aggressive in the batter’s box, and I am really bad at running the bases.”

Ozzie Guillen Jr (@oguillenjr) breaks down his overall performance thus far

What the Players Said About How They Play the Game

“If you can learn the analog pitching, highly recommend it. I actually found that to be a bright spot in this tournament.

Brandon Anderson on his favorite settings to use in-game

“You gotta use PCI. If you don’t… you’re cheating.

Matt Klug on his game settings for hitting

“I prefer using the buttons for both hitting and pitching, not the analog sticks.”

Matt (@__matt__12__) on how he plays the game

“Max Muncy and Joc Pederson. I always seem to do better with left handed batters and both of these guys have some pop.

Matt Carlson (@mattcarl03) on his favorite players to hit with

I found this one out the hard way. You never forget your first loss…..

The Best of the Quotes

And now, to see the more humble side of these guys…

This league has got tons of talent and it’ll be super interesting to see how the year progresses.”

Matt (@__matt__12__)

I blew a 10-2 lead one game and lost, in part because I thought it would be a good idea to take out Clayton Kershaw early, go to the bullpen and bring him back quicker for his next start. Backfired big time.

Matt Carlson (@mattcarl03)

We’ve all been there Matt….

“If the league would just throw strikes, I would be undefeated.

Iowa White Sox Fans (@IowaSox)

I thought I was gonna put up a little more of a fight, but I flat out suck.

Brandon Anderson

I am not good at this game.

Matt Zawaski (@SouthsideZo)

“I’m just gonna call out WhiteSoxDave for not even playing a game yet lol.”

Billy Rehfeld (@Billy_Rehfeld)

Shots fired.

And, finally, a quote that we can all relate to after almost two months unexpectedly without baseball….

I knew I was going to struggle but damn, man. It’s been rough.

Brad Squires (@BuzzOnTap)

We hope you continue to follow along with the league! In the coming days and weeks, hopefully we can bring the games live to you so you can watch some of your favorite fans and bloggers compete!

For real, this has been an awesome league thus far, and getting to interact with some White Sox Twitter personalities has been great. Looking forward to finishing up this league strong!

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