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Sox On 35th Podcast: The Nashville White Sox?

by Joe Binder

Duke Coughlin and Nik Gaur start their latest review of the joy that is being a White Sox fan by talking about the rumors that Jerry Reinsdorf could look to sell the team – or threaten to move them to Nashville. How do these rumors affect you as a fan? How would our cre react to the relocation of the White Sox?

The duo is later joined by Sox On 35th contributors Michael Suareo and Thatcher Zalewski to talk about their latest Top 30 White Sox Prospect rankings. Who were the biggest risers and fallers from the preseason top 30? Who else should fans get familiar with in the minors? Michael and Thatcher share this and more!

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Sell the team…Leave them here…Send Reinsdorf, Hahn & Williams to Nashville !


He would move them to the Philippines and rename them the Manila Folders.

Billy Bal

My humble opinion is whether you like Jerry or not he is a very good businessman. Bought a team for $19 million dollars and turned it into $2,000,000.000. Well baseball and TV made it so. Got a sweetheart deal on the lease, Cub taxpayers thanx. Now hopefully he is just posturing for a sweet deal 6 years out when the rate at SOX park concludes. Finally let Kenny and Rick go. If you sell let’s keep um in Bridgeport. Sox Park with all the remodeling is great!

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