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Sox On 35th Podcast: Is Pedro Grifol the right man for the job?

by Jordan Lazowski

Duke Coughlin, Jordan Lazowski, and Nik Gaur discuss Michael Kopech’s move to the bullpen and its long-term effects on the right-hander. Plus, with Chris Getz wanting the team to become more “athletic,” the crew discusses which names come to mind as players who could be traded as a result.

Later, Sox On 35th contributor Maddie Spagnola joins to discuss Pedro Grifol as the White Sox’s manager. Does the team’s decision to bring him back make sense? What growth does he need to show in year two to quiet the concerns around his leadership?

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Thomas Hall

Grifol has to be given more than a year! He stepped into an extra alarm fire when he took the job! The issues plaguing the White Sox far predate his arrival! Fire him now, and the Sox will be on their fourth manager in about as many years! That doesn’t paint a picture of stability!


He is NOT the right man for the job. He took over an 81-81 team. He said they would be better. He said they would be a kick your ass team. Now they are 35 games under .500, on their way to being a 100 loss team.

Thomas Hall

Grifol did say that there were going to be changes for the better, but now it is clear that neither he nor anyone else knew the extent of the issues plaguing the White Sox!

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