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‘O Yasmani’ to the tune of ‘O Christmas Tree’

by Sox On 35th Contributors

To the tune of ‘O Tannenbaum,’ known more popularly as ‘O Christmas Tree.’

O Yasmani, O Yasmani,
What happened to you last year?
O Yasmani, O Yasmani,
Your batting eye is gone, I fear.

Every time you swing, you whiff.
That means that Jordan can’t post his Moneyball GIF.

O Yasmani, O Yasmani,
You were paid for hitting, not walking.
O Yasmani, O Yasmani,
I hope this winter you worked on your blocking.

Too many balls got by you,
You started to look like Matt Merullo.

O Yasmani, O Yasmani,
Let’s hope for a better 2023.
O Yasmani, O Yasmani,
You’ll have to because the Sox won’t spend more money.

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Featured Photo: © Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

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