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National pundits Kenny, Passan slam the White Sox

by Brian Barry

With the firing of Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams last week, and the anticipated announcement of Chris Getz as their successor imminent, the national media is beginning to ask the right questions.

Brian Kenny tries to figure out where it all went wrong

Last week, in a segment on MLB Now, Brian Kenny asked what we White Sox fans have been wondering for the better part of 18 months: Where did it all go wrong with the Chicago White Sox?

While fans of the ballclub are all aware of the deficiencies of the organization from the top down, it’s interesting to see it covered on a national show. From injuries to poor performance to front office incompetency to questionable managerial hires, the warts of the rebuild were highlighted (lowlighted) in a five-minute segment.

Here are some of the most notable and eye-opening phrases from Kenny:

“Their best players don’t play enough.”

“These last two years have been puzzling; a complete collapse.”

“They rarely look inspired; I’m trying to be kind.”

“There is underperformance everywhere.”

“A very promising core has let them down.”

Kenny more than adequately summed up the key issues that led to the firings of Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn. Most shockingly, in the last three seasons, the positional core of Moncada, Anderson, Grandal, Robert Jr., and Jimenez has played together in only 36 of a possible 451 games (8%).

Jeff Passan criticizes White Sox payroll, rebuild

Additionally, on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight: Sunday Night Countdown, MLB Insider Jeff Passan rightfully criticized the ball club in a brief segment. You can watch that HERE: https://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/38273076?fbclid=IwAR3CrCzPPahYPb8QIg53GjrNAc2UBhylf8l552lxT4YZ6pr_8OIK5amg6E4

Here are some standouts from Passan, who is never short on his criticism when it’s warranted:

“Sometimes rebuilds just don’t work.”

“That’s what the White Sox do– they go out and embarrass themselves and embarrass you along with it.

“The Chicago White Sox, a large market team, are still somehow one of only three teams in Major League Baseball to never have given out a nine-figure contract.”

“The Chicago White Sox are the most disappointing team of the last five years, and there’s no question about that.”

Passan’s comments are not only spot on, but they indicate that the entire baseball world is beginning to see the organizational dysfunction here on the south side of Chicago. The rebuild was a massive, gigantic failure as a whole.

While frustrating as a fan to experience such a large letdown from such a promising rebuild, we have no choice but to look to the future and hold optimism for brighter days– such as ESPN.com’s #2 prospect Colson Montgomery. From there, let’s hope that Chris Getz can be a part of a turnaround for a fan base that deserves much more than what it’s gotten.

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Thomas Hall

As I have said in other posts, how long will it take to clean up this mess? Or should I say disaster? Last year players from other teams were asking what was going on with the White Sox! Steve Stone, a finalist for the Ford Frick Award for broadcasting, and Scott Posednick, a member of the 2005 World Series winner, just to name a few, both commented on how the White Sox looked uninspired! Response of White Sox front office? These are people who are just negative or “How dare anyone criticized the team and how it operates?” What has that attitude gotten the team?

Chip Ramsey

The Sox are becoming a national joke. These guys don’t have the balls to name the top reason, bad ownership. Since you work or partner with MLB, you can’t say that without the league getting in your backside.

Thomas Hall

Are the Sox becoming a national joke, or did they become a national joke long ago? I know that people will respond that there are teams with worse records, but those teams didn’t bill themselves as contenders! Not only are the Sox an insult to Chicago, the third largest sports market, but they are an insult to the game of baseball!

Thomas Hall

The White Sox blowing a 6-0 lead against the Royals shows that they are not a joke, but a complete garbage pile of a team. Even if they didn’t play on a given day, they could still find a way to lose! That’s how innovative they are at losing!

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