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White Sox Trade Rumors: Dodgers, Pham, Crochet, Robert Jr.

by Jordan Lazowski

A new team has surfaced in the Garrett Crochet and Luis Robert Jr. rumors with a month until the trade deadline.

According to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal in his latest trade deadline report, the Dodgers have joined the ranks of teams interested in both Garrett Crochet and Luis Robert Jr.

The article details a lot of interesting information, including that the White Sox have sent their top scouts to focus on three farm systems: the Padres, Dodgers, and Mariners. All three of those clubs have shown interest in multiple White Sox players, but are far from the only ones engaged with Chicago on potential trades.

As previously reported, the Padres have a “strong interest” in Garrett Crochet, though the match might not be there for the White Sox, given the state of the Padres’ system and their unwillingness to entertain trading top prospect Ethan Salas. However, according to Rosenthal, Crochet is not the only Padres target, with both Michael Kopech and Tommy Pham considered fits between the two clubs. Perhaps as no surprise, A.J. Preller of the Padres remains aggressive leading up to the deadline.

To get back to the Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw suffered a bit of a setback in his rehab, perhaps heightening the Dodgers’ need to add pitching at the deadline in a market where options appear to be dropping by the day. For the Mariners, Luis Robert Jr. could make sense in an outfield that ranks 23rd in OPS. The Dodgers ranked eighth in the preseason in farm system rankings, while the Mariners ranked 18th. Top prospects as part of conversations with these two teams could include Andy Pages, Dalton Rushing, Thayron Liranzo, Josue De Paula, Kyle Hurt, Jackson Ferris, Cole Young, Colt Emerson, Harry Ford, Lazaro Montes, or Jonny Farmelo. Overall, both teams do have strong position player prospects, which is a weakness for the White Sox and their system currently.

With Robert Jr, however, the White Sox do have to be cautious. According to Rosenthal, unless Robert gets hot closer to the deadline, the White Sox fear that they would be selling low when factoring in both injury history and performance to this point. Robert’s frequent injuries, low walk and high strikeout rates are a concern for interested clubs, according to Rosenthal.

As more information becomes available, we will continue to provide updates.

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Featured Image: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

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I do not see Sox moving either Robert or Crochet at the deadline. BUT, THEY SHOULD!!!

Everyone needs to face facts… Sox will not be competitive anytime soon. Not in 2025 or 2030, as long as the Reinsdorf Cabal is in control. There is just too much dysfunction with this so called MLB organization. And, you have La Russa pulling the puppet strings from the shadows. He is actually making things worse. The D-backs finally jettisoned him and it took them all most a decade to recover from the mess he caused.

Fact: Ebenezer Jerry will not pay what it will take for a Crochet extension. He only has two years plus of control left before he hits free agency. Plus with his injury history… the other 29 teams will not give what the delusional Sox management think he is worth in trade. If the don’t trade him now, then they need to trade him in the off-season. But they need to do it sooner rather than latter. Get what you can now, before he gets hurt again or leaves in free agency and end up with nothing.

Fact: Robert… he cannot stay healthy. Has only had one viable season (2023). Again, the other 29 teams are not going to surrender top talent for someone with his injury history and questionable conditioning habits (or lack there of). When healthy his can be a game changer… So take what you can and send him somewhere else. Cause he is doing nothing for you now. And, keeping him will not change the teams outcome.

Sox will be bottom feeders until there is new ownership on the Southside,

Last edited 20 days ago by mcv7272

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