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White Sox agree to terms with 17 2023 MLB Draft picks

by Michael Suareo

Just five days after the conclusion of the 2023 MLB First Year Player Draft, the Chicago White Sox have announced that they have come to terms with 17 of their 20 draft picks, along with five additional undrafted free agents.

Jacob Gonzalez is the most notable if their signings, as the 15th overall pick signed for a $3.9 million signing bonus, which is just shy of $600k less than his bonus slot value. Not all of the signing bonus numbers have come out yet, but it is expected that the Sox will be looking to save additional bonus money to spend on their remaining unsigned draft picks: George Wolkow, Rikuu Nishida, and Mathias LaCombe.

As it stands, the White Sox have $2,185,000.00 left in their bonus slot pool, however, they can spend up to 5% over their pool without forfeiting future draft picks. Please refer to the chart below for a full breakdown of their spending compared to their bonus slots.

It is expected that Wolkow could receive a signing bonus north of $1 million despite his slot value of $248,300, so the vast majority of their remaining money should be going to him. It is notable that the White Sox announcement was followed up with a message that they are expected to announce more signings in the coming days, so it appears that the team anticipates coming to terms with its remaining draft picks.

As more information comes in, we will be keeping you up-to-date. Make sure you are following us @Soxon35th!

Featured Image: Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

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