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Sox On 35th Podcast: Getting ready for Drew Thorpe’s debut

by Jordan Lazowski

The White Sox gave us some exciting news on Sunday afternoon, and Duke Coughlin, Jordan Lazowski, and Nik Gaur are here to talk all about it. To do so, Sox On 35th MiLB Managing Editor Michael Suareo joined the show, who gives fans a rundown on Drew Thorpe, who will make his MLB debut on Tuesday. What should White Sox fans expect? Who are some good comparisons for Thorpe? And could he be here throughout the season? As a big fan of Thorpe, Suareo discusses this and more.

Later, the crew discusses the end of the White Sox’s 14-game losing streak, some recent managerial decisions that led to the streak, debate the merits of the idea of “good losses,” and round it out with a discussion on Nick Nastrini’s long term outlook.

Make sure to tune in to a packed episode!

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