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Sox On 35th Podcast: Front office hires and MiLB recap

by Jordan Lazowski

With just six games left in 2023, Jordan Lazowski and Nik Gaur are joined by Senior Contributor Tim Moran to discuss the recent front office hires for the White Sox. How do you feel about Chris Getz’s front office vision? The crew also discusses some recent developments on the field for the White Sox. How confident should fans be in those players still under contract for 2024?

Later, Minor League Contributor Michael Suareo joins to recap the MiLB season now that it has come to a close. Suareo highlights some positives and negatives for the White Sox, what he’s looking for in the White Sox’s Arizona Fall League participants, and who he wants to see as the next Director of Player Development.

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Featured Image: Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

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