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Recapping a crazy 48 hours of White Sox headlines

by Tim Moran

Saturday, August 5, 7:46 PM: Down goes Tim Anderson

Fresh off five losses in a row and up 5-1 in the sixth inning, it appeared the White Sox were cruising towards a forgettable victory over the Guardians. In an instant though, chaos erupted, and an insignificant AL Central snoozer became the talk of the league.

Guardians third baseman Jose Ramirez appeared to have little patience for Tim Anderson standing over him and got in the Sox shortstop’s face. TA7 didn’t take kindly to that, squaring up and instigating Ramirez to do the same. A few punches later, Anderson was both on the ground and MLB’s newest meme.

Ultimately, it turned out there was more to Ramirez’s anger than just Anderson hovering.

While it was yet another embarrassment in a sea of them for the South Siders, the Sox came out with the 7-4 victory. It didn’t come without a freak Eloy injury scare, of course. And some top-notch tweets.

Saturday, August 6, 1:45 PM: Sox secure series win

Lose the battle, win the war. With the Guardians clinging to hopes of a division title, the White Sox go into Cleveland and take two of three with a miracle Sunday victory. After Cleveland third baseman Brayan Rocchio buried a game-winning putout throw, Elvis Andrus pelted a two-run single off Emmanuel Clase to give the White Sox a 5-3 lead, which never wavered.

Sunday, August 6, 6:18 PM: Anderson responds, kind of

Chicago’s south side shortstop is no stranger to vague tweets, but they are usually just copy-and-pasted song lyrics. After passing a concussion test and sitting out Sunday’s win, Anderson tweeted out several cryptic messages in the evening.

He has yet to speak to the media since the incident.

Sunday, August 6, 10:22 PM: Keynan Middleton speaks out

Yankees reliever Keynan Middleton, who was traded by the White Sox just over a week ago, lambasted his former organization for its culture. Among his lengthy tangent, Middleton noted the following:

  • Said there were “no rules or guidelines to follow because everyone is doing their own thing”
  • Claimed “You have rookies sleeping in the bullpen during the game”
  • Mentioned that players were missing both meetings and PFPs (pitcher fielding practices)
  • Blamed veterans who went to the World Baseball Classic for not “policing” the team during Spring Training

Monday, August 7, 7:31 AM: Jesse Rogers drops more bombs

Albeit far less directly sourced than Middleton’s statements, ESPN Chicago insider Jesse Rogers condemned White Sox players further in the wee hours of Monday morning.

“… It’s the ones you know. Grandal is no friend to the pitchers. Moncada is no hard worker who is there for his team or teammates… Eloy is happy-go-lucky but isn’t a hard worker, at least according to the people I’m talking to…”

– Jesse Rogers (via Kap & J. Hood on ESPN)

Monday, August 7, 1:52 PM: Lance Lynn backs up Middleton

Asked about Middleton’s scathing comments, Lance Lynn had no words to quell Sox fans’ fears about the dysfunction in their organization. Instead, he had this to say:

“I was there a lot longer than Key was. He’s not wrong.”

Lance Lynn (Via Foul Territory TV)

Monday, August 7, 2:14 PM: Suspensions handed down

Rogers breaks the news of MLB’s suspension decisions from Saturday night’s ruckus.

Anderson and Ramirez are in the process of appealing their suspensions, while Clase and the coaches have already served their time. Michael Kopech and Guardians outfielder Gabriel Arias also received undisclosed fines.

Monday, August 7, 2:35 PM: Another fight alleged

Just minutes after suspensions were delivered, Shane Riordan of 670 The Score spoke on The Parkins & Spiegel Show about a fight earlier in the season in the White Sox clubhouse. Riordan reported that on July 9, Yasmani Grandal slapped a bath-enjoying Anderson for criticizing Grandal’s request for an early All-Start Break flight before the first half’s final game.

Later that day, Grandal flat-out denied the report amidst other comments supporting Grifol’s management of the team.

Monday, August 7, 3:15 PM: Hahn pushes back

Addressing each key event listed above, Rick Hahn had much to say in support of his manager and his team. To summarize, Hahn:

  • Praised Michael Kopech and Andrew Vaughn for their handling of Saturday’s brawl
  • Noted improving the team’s culture was addressed at the deadline but also ongoing
  • Called out Middleton for a recent instance of unprofessional behavior
  • Denied that a pitcher was sleeping during a game
  • Rejected that no consequences were dealt for players missing meetings

Meanwhile, Jerry Reinsdorf remains silent.

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Featured Image: NBC Sports Chicago

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