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Insider names Moncada, Jimenez, Grandal as part of White Sox culture problems

by Jordan Lazowski

Things certainly haven’t gotten any better for the White Sox this morning.

Last evening, Jesse Rogers of ESPN dropped a report from Keynan Middleton that discussed a “no rules” culture going on within the White Sox organization, from a lack of accountability for individual players all the way down to players napping in the bullpen during games. This morning, Rogers appeared on ESPN’s Kap & J. Hood Show to not only talk about this report but name more names who are part of the White Sox’ problem.

During his appearance, Rogers named three White Sox players in particular as part of the team’s ongoing issues: Yoan Moncada, Eloy Jimenez, and Yasmani Grandal. Here’s what Rogers said when asked what it would take to change the White Sox:

“… It’s the ones you know. Grandal is no friend to the pitchers. Moncada is no hard worker who is there for his team or teammates… Eloy is happy-go-lucky but isn’t a hard worker, at least according to the people I’m talking to…”

– Jesse Rogers (via Kap & J. Hood on ESPN)

While any problems the White Sox have with Yasmani Grandal will come to an end, at the latest, by the end of the year, that can’t be said for both Jimenez and Moncada, who are both under contract for at least one more season. This report does call into question the team’s decision to trade Jake Burger – while he did bring back a solid return, it doesn’t appear as if he was part of the problem. 670 The Score also did report during the Trade Deadline that the Marlins were interested in Jimenez, however, the White Sox did not want to move him at the time and the teams presumably shifted to Burger.

Rogers went on to say that moving on from all three players would be a great start on the position-player side in terms of turning things around. Coupling this with Middleton’s report last night reveals that the problems really are on both sides of the baseball – no one side is completely to blame.

With the White Sox returning home today for another homestand, typically, we would expect Rick Hahn to talk to the media. If that does happen, you can expect that these questions – and likely more – are going to be upcoming as the club deals with a true nightmare in terms of the public reception of an already tainted product.

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Jeffrey C

I watched Eloy during his rehab assignments in Triple A. He is clearly not a hard worker nor takes anything seriously. Paying him, Moncada, and others before they achieved success was a disaster.


It’s nothing new that Grandal isn’t part of the vibe, as well as Moncada. They’re both players who when they’re good, they’re great and when they’re not they suck. And when they’re on a bad steak, they silk and bring the team vibe down. Trading Jake Burger was stupid,but I’m happy for him, as now his talent won’t be squandered

Thomas Hall

When you say you are happy for Jake Burger, I don’t think there is a player who wants to be with the White Sox! You read about how there is a complete lack of discipline and leadership on this team. Lance Lynn said that he is enjoying the game more now that he is with a different team! The Dodgers are a well run team that is committed to winning!

Phil Crivellone

This is aMarc Trestman level of chaos.

Thomas Hall

There is one big difference: Marc Trestman was fired! Do you see Jerry Reinsdorf firing any of the front office boobs?


Moncada, definitely. I’d also say that player that likens himself to Jackie Robinson. What!?!? Yas does run hard down the baseline, it’s just that he’s slow. .Vaughan insists on pulling everything these days. Sheets can’t hit. This team and it’s management is pitiful.

Geoff Josefs

I agree, move on from Moncada, the problem with that is the guy who could take over for him was traded. Dont tell me tha TA isnt a problem. How many bench clearing incidents has he started? And isnt he the only player in MLB history to be suspended in 4 consecutive seasons?

Bret Bottin

Sell the team to a group backed by jeter and Jordan. Gretzky if he wants. Management and players are to blame but Jerry is the one ultimately responsible. Should’ve brought Ozzie back if he got an interview last year. He was obviously the one who was most qualified and decorated. He would be up yaz, Yoan and Eloy’s butts if he ran the clubhouse.

Thomas Hall

We will have to wait until after Jerry’s passing for the team to be sold! Reinsdorf worked as a tax attorney with the IRS and he knows that he would have a whopping luxury tax to pay if the team is sold while he is still alive! I read where his family would save $200 million in taxes by waiting to sell the team until after he dies!

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