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How have White Sox players done in the Home Run Derby?

by Thatcher Zalewski

Tonight, Luis Robert Jr. will participate in the 2023 Home Run Derby as the #1 overall seed – making him the first White Sox player since 2016 to participate in the event. Only one player has won the Home Run Derby with the White Sox, so Robert will look to add his name to the White Sox history books this year.

With that in mind, let’s go back through history and see how Sox players have fared in the derby.

2016: Todd Frazier (Lost in Finals)

The last time a White Sox player tested his luck in the derby was third baseman Todd Frazier back in 2016. Frazier was the defending champion after winning it back in 2015 with the Cincinnati Reds. Frazier would ultimately come up short and lose in the finals.

  • Quarterfinals – Todd Frazier (13) defeats COL Rockies Carlos Gonzalez (12)
  • Semifinals – Todd Frazier (16) defeats CIN Reds Adam Duvall (15)
  • Finals – MIA Marlins Giancarlo Stanton (20) defeats Todd Frazier (13)
  • Total Home Runs – 42
  • Longest Home Run – 448ft

2006: Jermaine Dye (Lost in First Round)

Fresh off a World Series championship, Dye looked to add more gold to his trophy case. The right fielder entered the derby but did not have the best showing. In 2006, the derby format was a tad different from what is today – only the top four hitters advanced to the next round, and Dye did not qualify.

  • Round One – David Wright (16), David Ortiz (10), Miguel Cabrera (9), and Ryan Howard (8) defeat Jermaine Dye (7)
  • Total Home Runs – 7
  • Longest Home Run – 476ft

2002: Paul Konerko (Lost in Semifinals)

Paul Konerko made his derby debut and represented the White Sox in 2002. Both leagues had four representatives with the top four hitters advancing to the second round. Konerko put up a strong showing but just missed out on the finals due to a swing-off.

  • Round One – Paul Konerko (6) defeats MIN Twins Torii Hunter (3) and TEX Rangers Alex Rodriguez (2)
  • Semifinals – Jason Giambi (7) defeats Paul Konerko (6) via Swing-off
  • Total Home Runs – 12
  • Longest Home Run – 473ft

1995: Frank Thomas (WINNER)

The Big Hurt made his second derby appearance, and this time he won it all. Frank Thomas became the first – and so far the only – White Sox to win the entire thing.

  • Round One – Frank Thomas (8) defeats CLE Indians Manny Ramirez (3), CHI Cubs Sammy Sosa (2), CIN Reds Reggie Sanders (2), and LA Dodgers Raul Mondesi (2)
  • Round Two – Frank Thomas (4) defeats BOS Red Sox Mo Vaughn (3) and CIN Reds Ron Gant (3)
  • Finals – Frank Thomas (3) defeats CLE Indians Albert Belle (2)
  • Total Home Runs – 15
  • Longest Home Run – 470ft

1994: Frank Thomas (4th Place)

The 1994 Home Run Derby featured Frank Thomas’ debut in the event. While the data is a bit lacking for this derby, Ken Griffey Jr. won this one in Pittsburgh.

  • Total Home Runs – 4
  • Average Home Run Distance – 473 ft

1985 Carlton Fisk (Tied for 3rd Place)

Carlton Fisk represented the White Sox in the first-ever Home Run Derby. This is another derby where there isn’t much data out there. However, from the data out there, Fisk was able to land himself a third-place finish tied with many other participants. The American League was able to just beat out the National League by a score of 17-16.

  • Total Home Runs – 4
  • Longest Home Run – n/a


The White Sox aren’t a team that is represented often in the Home Run Derby, but when in the event they seem to do fairly well. Here is how the White Sox have fared as a team in the derby:

  • Winner(s) – 1 (Frank Thomas)
  • Runner-Ups – 1 (Todd Frazier)
  • 3rd Place – 2 (Carlton Fisk and Paul Konerko)
  • 4th Place – 1 (Frank Thomas)
  • 5th Place – 1 (Jermaine Dye)
  • Total Home Runs – 84

Hopefully, Luis Robert Jr. can add his name to the list of White Sox to win the Home Run Derby!

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