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Can you rebuild the White Sox’ rebuild?

by Noah Phalen

As the Major League Baseball All-Star Break comes and goes, one thing has been made abundantly clear: the White Sox rebuild isn’t working.

This team isn’t just “a piece or two” away from being fixed, either. This version of the White Sox is flawed, and re-opening the championship window is going to take some serious changes. For Rick Hahn – or whoever’s running the team – making changes and fielding a competitive team in 2024 is not going to be an easy task. However, the 2023 Trade Deadline is the team’s first chance to make things right.

With the deadline quickly approaching and the offseason not far behind, we at Sox On 35th wanted to provide our readers with an opportunity to share their input on how to fix this – to rebuild the rebuild, if you will.

All you have to do is fill out the Google Form below and give your thoughts in a few areas:

  1. Your current state assessment of the team
  2. What you would do at the 2023 Trade Deadline
  3. What you would start to think about doing during the 2023/2024 Offseason

We will be discussing the Trade Deadline in one of our upcoming podcasts, and we plan to air some of these responses. In addition, for those we don’t feature and discuss on the podcast, we plan to share even more responses in an upcoming article. So, put some good and unique ideas together that we can share with the wider White Sox fan base!

For the sake of this exercise, please try to be realistic. Steve Cohen isn’t your owner, and you can’t rob every team in your trade packages.

Click the link HERE or follow the Google Form below to submit your ideal Trade Deadline.

Do you have what it takes to fix the White Sox? Good luck!

Follow us @SoxOn35th for more throughout the season!

Featured Image: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

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Thomas Hall

For the next rebuild, if there is one, to work, it will be necessary to have a whole new regime! The trio of screw ups, as I have said before, cannot have any role! There is nothing that Reinsdorf, Williams and Hahn couldn’t screw up! The big worry is that the current mess is so bad that it could take years to return the White Sox to respectability, much less competitiveness! Every facet of the team needs a major overhaul!


The only way another rebuild will work, is if Ebenezer Jerry and Buffoon Kenny and Inept Hahn are gone. And, an entire new FO is installed. However, I do not see any changes coming soon with this organization until Reisndorf dies and the team is sold to someone with no ties to anything Reinsdorf.

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