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White Sox Draft Talk with Tyler Jennings of Prospects Live

by Jordan Lazowski

As the draft gets closer, more and more questions are being asked about who the White Sox may take at the 26th overall pick. From prep bats to college arms, it appears everything may be on the table for the White Sox. To sort it all out, sometimes you need to talk to an expert. Here at Sox On 35th, we called on an old friend of the page to help us out.

Tyler Jennings is an Amateur Scout/Writer for the site Prospects Live, which covers Minor league & MLB Draft rankings, analysis, scouting reports, videos, and more across all levels around the country. Jennings has joined our page during past drafts to offer his thoughts on the team and what he’s been hearing across baseball, and he was kind enough to offer his time during draft week to give us the latest updates.

Jennings and our Jordan Lazowski discussed many topics, including Jennings’ passion for scouting, his thoughts on the White Sox’ overall strategy, who the team would be targeting in the first two rounds, and what he’s hearing from the industry about who the Sox might prefer.

You can find Tyler on Twitter @TylerJennings24 and Prospects Live on Twitter @ProspectsLive. We at Sox On 35th would like to thank him for his time.

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Featured Image: Kns Vols Baseball Alabama / USA Today

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