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White Sox debut flickering stadium lights at Guaranteed Rate Field

by Joe Binder

There’s one adjective being tossed around by fans on the interwebs to describe the revamped stadium lights at Guaranteed Rate Field: awesome.

During Monday night’s game, the White Sox were finally able to debut some of the cool features of their new lights. It first started with the pregame festivities, as captured by one of our followers Rick C. (@SportsByRick/Twitter).

This strobe effect has become a popular trend across professional stadiums, with the Yankees being one of the first and most notable teams in baseball to implement it. The varying flicker settings are incredibly useful for enhancing the park’s atmosphere when things like hype videos are played (above) or more commonly, when home runs and other big moments occur. We got our first in-game taste of it at 35th and Shields on Monday night when Adam Eaton launched a third inning laser into the right field bullpen.

Some inside sources and past tweets (which I now can’t find), indicated the White Sox installed these lights during the 2019-20 offseason. With COVID-19 keeping fans from the ballpark during all of last year, there was no point in the team putting these special effects to use. Now that things are slowly creeping back to normal, it’s going to be a party every time the South Side Hitmen do damage this season and beyond.

I would also be remiss not to mention all of the photographers and videographers out there when talking about this. Flickering lights are probably near the top of their list of things they absolutely hate when trying to capture the celebration shots we all know and love. Hopefully, they can still find some luck and sneak a few in. We’re rooting for you!

Did you get a chance to see these lights at the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Featured Photo: @FotoGenocide_/Twitter

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s. klum

This makes my wife crazy… she HATES any strobe lighting as it makes he nauseous. I’m OK with it in moderation.


I was at ghe game last might and I hated the flickering lights.


I actually thought that the lighting was great! Really well done. Added to the fun atmosphere. Not too much, gave the night a party feel even though the stadium was only about 20% full.


Not to be that guy, but I hate it, especially as an epileptic who often goes to White Sox games

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