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The Best of White Sox Twitter: April 9-15

by Joe Binder

Happy Friday, Sox fans! Our Editor-In-Chief and struggling #SoxMath participant Jordan Lazowski shared with you last week that we were bringing back this widely popular article series. Now, it’s time to look at our first group of tweets and decide who all had the best of the best.

In case you’re coming across this article series for the first time, here’s how things work:

  • We select the best tweets from White Sox Twitter each week.
  • These tweets are then placed into four categories: Humor, Analysis, Verified Accounts, and “Passion, Pride, Tradition.”
  • From there, a poll can be found at the end of each category where you can vote for the winners for the week.
  • The winners for each week will be combined into one poll at the end of each month for a monthly “Best Tweet.”
    • NOTE: The winner of this will walk away with a set of our koozies, though we’re looking to raise the stakes as the season goes on.

The tweets we’ll typically come across are the ones that receive a lot of engagement. That being said, they also check a box for being either thought-provoking, funny, informational, etc. so that’s the important thing you should keep in mind. If you ever think you have a good tweet, be sure to shoot us a DM @SoxOn35th or my personal account @JoeBinder on Twitter for consideration. Your involvement will be crucial since there’s a ton of people we’re trying to keep track of, and it’s easy for things to fly under the radar.

Since you’re hopefully all caught up on the basics, let’s get to the tweets!


This is where we encourage you to go for the laughs. Since this category is almost always going to be the most selective of the few, you’ve got to be on your A-game to land here.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Who had the best tweet?


If you like to dive deep into the stats or make close observations about various aspects of the team, this is the category for you!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Who had the best tweet?

Passion, Pride, Tradition

The root of what it means to be a member of the White Sox and a fan of the team. These are a collection of tweets that don’t necessarily check the box for being overly funny or stat-heavy. Sometimes, they can be emotional takes about how we’re all feeling during a certain game. Other times, they can be as simple as a positive statement or a personal creation like a painting or graphic design. It’ll vary from week to week but I think you get the gist – show us how much you care about this team and the work they put in on the field.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Who had the best tweet?

Verified Accounts

Pretty self-explanatory here. This category is reserved for your favorite verified accounts and media members.


This poll is no longer accepting votes

Who had the best tweet?

See you back here on Friday, April 23rd, where we’ll announce the winners from this week and give you a fresh batch of tweets to vote on!

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Featured Edit: Brandon Anderson (@b_son4) / Twitter

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Julie Boettcher

I grew up in Lagrange Illinois and my parents started taking me to White Sox games in the 60’s and I have been a big fan ever since.

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