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Sox in the Basement Podcast: For the Love of the White Sox

by Jordan Lazowski

Are the White Sox swinging at the first pitch too often, or are we looking for irrational reasons to be concerned? We should enjoy the wins and have some fun, right? The crew is also visiting with Jim Pender, a fan with a picture of nearly every White Sox player to ever wear the uniform. Learn about his lifetime labor of love. Plus, Ed and Chris wonder if there can be too much technology added to the ballpark experience.

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Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions! Listen. Subscribe. Share. Call 708-459-8406 and leave your comments and questions for the next episode! Chris Lanuti and his buddy Ed Siebert sit at his 9-foot homemade oak bar in a basement on the South Side of Chicago to discuss his favorite team – The Chicago White Sox. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, EVERYWHERE podcasts can be found and ALWAYS at SoxInTheBasement.com!

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