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Simulated Sox: Fast-Forward Results, July 23rd-September 4th

by Joe Binder

With actual baseball finally set to return on July 23rd, we accelerate our simulated season with Sox In The Basement from the end of July to the first weekend of September Here’s how the White Sox performed:

  • July 23rd vs. Twins: L, 12-8
  • July 24tth vs. Twins: W, 3-2
  • July 25th vs. Twins: W, 5-4
  • July 26th vs. Twins: W, 11-5
  • July 27th vs. Tigers: W, 4-3
  • July 28th vs. Tigers: W, 8-2
  • July 29th vs. Tigers: W, 9-5
  • July 30th vs. Indians: L, 8-0
  • July 31st vs. Indians: W, 13-8

The Sox finished July on a 7-2 run and Luis Robert won AL Rookie of the Month honors. More importantly, the team finally caught up to the Twins after their July 29th victory over Cleveland.

  • August 1st vs. Indians: L, 5-7
  • August 2nd vs. Indians: L, 10-2
  • August 3rd vs. Yankees: L, 1-0
  • August 4th vs. Yankees: W, 10-3
  • August 5th vs. Yankees: W, 7-3
  • August 7th vs. Indians: W, 3-1
  • August 8th vs. Indians: W, 6-0
  • August 9th vs. Indians: W, 2-1
  • August 10th vs. Angels: W, 13-7
  • August 11th vs. Angels: W, 11-1
  • August 12th vs. Angels: W, 7-3
  • August 13th vs. Yankees: L, 4-1
  • August 15th vs. Yankees: L, 6-5
  • August 16th vs. Yankees: L, 6-1
  • August 18th vs. Twins: W, 6-3
  • August 19th vs. Twins: L, 7-6
  • August 20th vs. Mariners: L, 2-1
  • August 21st vs. Mariners: W, 9-6
  • August 22nd vs. Mariners: L, 7-4
  • August 23rd vs. Mariners: W, 4-1
  • August 25th vs. Red Sox: W, 6-4
  • August 26th vs. Red Sox: L, 15-3
  • August 27th vs. Red Sox: L, 8-1
  • August 28th vs. Red Sox: L, 4-1
  • August 29th vs. Houston: W, 8-3
  • August 30th vs. Houston: L, 7-6
  • August 31st vs. Rays: W, 7-1

A brutal series against Cleveland where Ricky’s boys dropped three of four dropped them back into second. As you can see, they went on an eight-game winning streak to sit alone at the top of the division by a full game for the first time all season. Oh, and Robert won American League Player of the Month and is now first in American League Rookie of the Year projections.

  • September 1st vs. Rays: W, 3-0
  • September 2nd vs. Rays: W, 7-0
  • September 3rd vs. Rays: L, 6-4
  • September 4th vs. Twins: W, 9-5

After being bumped down a game into second place to begin September, the Sox are luckily turning it on again and at the perfect time with the Twins in town for a crucial weekend series.

Some other miscellaneous notes:

  • Tim Anderson leads the American League batting title race with a .323 average.
  • Yasmani Grandal became the first White Sox hitter to reach 30 home runs. He accomplished the feat on August 24th and is currently hitting .303 with 84 RBI to go along with it.
  • Danny Mendick took the starting second base job from Nick Madrigal.
    • Mendick: .275/.344/.434 with a 2.4 WAR
    • Madrigal: .207/.273/.301 with a -0.3 WAR

Schedule Breakdown presented by Sox In The Basement

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Divisional Standings

The Sox have come all the way back from a three-game deficit to jump ahead of Minnesota after a game one win.

  1. White Sox: 88-53
  2. Twins: 88-54, 0.5 GB
  3. Indians: 83-58, 5.0 GB
  4. Royals: 55-85, 32.5 GB
  5. Tigers: 47-94: 41.0 GB

Next Game

The White Sox continue their pivotal series against the Twins tomorrow. First pitch is at 7:10 PM CST. Stay tuned for a game broadcast and recap!

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