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Responding to My #SoxMath Doubters

by Jordan Lazowski

It all started on March 21, 2018. I saw a new segment on the White Sox Spring Training broadcast called #SoxMath and decided to give it a shot. After all, I was in college at the time as a Math major. Then, this happened:

That was the beginning of my #SoxMath journey, a journey that has seen TWO championship appearances at SoxFest (dang you, Joe Resis) out of two total chances, numerous prizes from victories (shown below), fifteen individual #SoxMath wins, and a lot of fun dialogue along the way.

Some of the prizes the haters don’t want you to remember.

And now, as expected when anyone experiences success: the journey has seen plenty of haters.

If you didn’t see it yesterday, our Graphic Designer Brandon Anderson decided to venture into the world of blogging and express his concerns with my lack of #SoxMath victories in 2021. He claimed I’m past my prime, implied I’m washed up, and even went so far as to say he was “worried” about my lack of wins and what it meant for the season. He made up some false statistics that he took no time to explain, and the only one that was remotely accurate is how annoyed I get with page founder Joe Binder.

I didn’t think I’d have to answer to the haters as much as I do, but they’ve left me absolutely no choice. Before today’s game, I address him and many of my other haters.

Let’s start with some facts. You know I like the stats, so let’s break down each time I’ve played this year. For various reasons – which we will get into – I have only played six total times this year.

February 28 (Spring Training): Won the first #SoxMath of the year and put the haters on notice

April 15: 2nd Place behind @YasmaniGrandai – who admittedly guessed!


April 23: 2nd Place behind @michgn

April 25: The game the haters seem to forget… The one I WON, but was told that @TomFitz77 won!

April 27: Lost by three seconds to a very good competitor in @colbyrsopkin

April 29: Lost by two seconds to a consistent foe in @mikegonnella

See, what the haters aren’t doing is checking what’s underlying the losses. I’ve never finished worse than 2nd this year – sometimes, the ball doesn’t bounce your way. Other times, factors out of your control decide your fate. I’ve put myself in a position to win every time and remain competitive. They don’t want you to see that, though.

Now, the calendar has turned a page, and it is May. Some of you are going to ask: “Jordan, the Sox have played 26 regular season games, why have you only played 5 times in the regular season?” Well, let’s break it down:

  1. I work, and even though I work from home, playing during day games is difficult/impossible.
  2. I’ve gone to seven White Sox games so far this year. #SoxMath is meant for the people at home. “But Jordan, use the MyTeams app!”… Read #3.
  3. Whether at the ballpark or otherwise, I have often been subjected to a stream delay. Whether it’s the MyTeams app or NBC Sports Chicago, streams are usually 1-2 pitches behind the live cable broadcast. As you’ve seen above, when winners are decided by mere SECONDS, being 1-2 pitches (nearly 20-30 seconds) behind does not work in my favor.
  4. That leaves only times when I’ve been unable to watch games due to previous commitments.

You might consider these excuses. But, I’m sorry, these are facts, no matter what Joe Binder and Brandon Anderson try to tell you. In addition, the competition remains tough four years into #SoxMath on broadcasts – as it should.

But, actually, let’s talk about that competition briefly – or, in their cases, the LACK of competition. Yes, I mean Joe Binder, Brandon Anderson, and the rest of the Sox on 35th page. We have a fairly large crew – 17 or so members. The only one of them who has ever won #SoxMath other than me is Patrick Roelofs, who won early last season. The rest have rarely ATTEMPTED #SoxMath.

As soon as one of them even COMPETES in #SoxMath, I’ll accept their “concerns” over my lack of victories. But for now, they’re just hollow words that fill up my Twitter mentions aimlessly. It’s easy to criticize when they’re not in the battlefield every day. I’ll wait for their reasons why they’ve never competed and I’m sure I’ll never hear them, especially because I’m sure down in Houston, Mr. Binder is dealing with streaming delays himself…

Truthfully, there’s not much more to say that hasn’t already been said. You’ve seen the facts, now you’re left to make the decision yourselves. I’d like to think Sox fans are intelligent enough to see the difference between washed up and experiencing some tough luck. And, if Brandon Anderson wants to compare me to Kris Bryant, I welcome that comparison. After all, after a rough stretch where his doubters came out in full force, Bryant is hitting .308/.396/.637 this year with a 176 wRC+. So much for prospects that “fizzle out,” right Brandon? Maybe it’s premature to doubt those who have a history of success.

I’ll be competing today, so let’s see what today’s game holds. Truthfully, I’d like to have more wins under my belt already. The reality is I couldn’t be any less worried about my performances thus far. I’ve had two wins taken away from me and finished second everywhere else. I’m not sure how that can “worry” anyone.

I will say this though: you come at the King, you best not miss.

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