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White Sox agree to minors deal with outfielder Victor Reyes

by Jordan Lazowski

UPDATE (12/9/22): According to Tigers beat writer Evan Petzfold, the minor league deal between outfielder Victor Reyes and the White Sox is official. The contract includes a non-roster invitation to Spring Training, as expected.

The White Sox appear to be looking to add depth to their minor-league outfield system.

According to Scott Merkin of MLB.com, the White Sox are in discussions to add former Tigers’ OF Victor Reyes into the fold. He would receive a minor-league contract and a non-roster invitation to Spring Training. Given the details here, it’s likely that this move isn’t too far away from being official.

Reyes, 27, is a career .264/.294/.379 hitter in the major leagues across five seasons with the Tigers. He has been a part-time player across all five of those seasons, though he did play in 57/60 games in the 2020 shortened season. A career switch-hitter, he has underwhelming numbers against both LHP (91 wRC+) and RHP (80 wRC+) while generally being a replacement-level defensive outfielder. He does have a solid arm, rating in the 83rd percentile in arm strength.

Even with this move, the White Sox would still only have one outfielder on their major league roster, so expect this to be purely in the name of depth. This isn’t the sort of deal that would have been made in an attempt to actually improve the major league roster.

However, despite a pretty underwhelming Winter Meetings in terms of actual moves being made to solve the outfield vacancies, apparently, the White Sox were still able to make good progress this week. Time will tell.

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Featured Image: Lindsey Wasson-USA TODAY Sports

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These white sox make me laugh every year. Both on and off the field they are a joke. I have been a white sox fan since 1956


Reinsdorf versus Veeck

Bill Veeck owned four team including the White Sox twice. In seventeen (17) years owning the Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Browns and the White Sox, Veeck’s teams won 1,350 games (51.5%) while losing 1,270. His teams had eleven seasonal winning records and two teams,1948 and 1959, went to the World Series. The White Sox drew around 1.6 million under Veeck while Reinsdorf’s 2022 team drew 2 million. In comparison, the 2006 White Sox set an attendance record of 2,957,414. Bill Veeck was poor in money but was wealthy with love for game and fans. After forty years I do not understand why the White Sox do not winningly thrive in a major city.


Prices were lower back then and a family of four could afford to go to a game, eat, drink and buy souvenirs. Today, it’s unaffordable. Greedy owners, players and MLB itself are the reason why.


I am patiently waiting for bankruptcy to get to each team

Chip Ramsey

“Bill Veeck is a penny ante operator” Jerry Reinsdorf 1982


If the Commish did not interfere, Eddie DeBartolo would have been the White Sox owner. Jerry bought the team for a lot less than DeBartolo offered. Five Superbowl trophies in fourteen years speaks volumes.

As for Veeck, perhaps he was penny ante operator, but so what? He always found time to be with the fans at the park or each Sunday morning on radio taking phone calls. Mary Francis (who passed this year at age 102) spoke to the fans too.

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