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Report: Tony La Russa Could Return to White Sox Next Week

by Jordan Lazowski

Though we haven’t gotten much information on Tony La Russa’s health, according to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, it appears La Russa could be back in uniform with the team as soon as this week. La Russa is hoping to be back in the dugout, based on the timeline, by the time the team returns home for their series against the Rockies on Tuesday.

Specifics of Tony La Russa’s medical symptoms, including conditions that would necessitate further medical testing, still have not been confirmed by the team. However, Heyman included in his report that La Russa is hoping to attend Dave Stewart’s jersey retirement in Oakland on Sunday before beginning to manage the White Sox again the following week. Heyman also noted that friends of La Russa say that the 77-year-old manager “is going to be OK.”

Interim manager Miguel Cairo has gone 6-3 this season in La Russa’s absence, including a come-from-behind win on Wednesday afternoon to win a series against one of the hottest teams in baseball in the Seattle Mariners.

La Russa is in the second year of a three-year contract with the team, and by all accounts, the team is expecting him to return next season if the club makes the playoffs. However, it has previously been reported that La Russa could be “reassigned” within the organization should the club miss the postseason. It remains to be seen how this situation affects his long-term health and ability to manage.

As further information is made public, we will provide additional updates.

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Thomas Hall

Bringing back La Russa would be the equivalent of dumping water on a fire! Considering how the Sox had hovered around .500 for more than a year, there is no way to attribute their 9-3 record under Miguel Cairo to fluke or coincidence! Tom Hall

Thomas Hall

Seeing how the Sox have performed in La Russa’s absence, it’s clear that the Sox are finally playing with a purpose! This cannot be a coincidence! Bringing La Russa back would be an even bigger mistake than hiring him in the first place, and in my opinion, borderline criminal!

Thomas Hall

The Sox won against Oakland 14-2 last night and scored 5 runs in the 9th tonight to beat Oakland 5-3! Is it a coincidence that they are 8-3 in La Russa’s absence? Anyone who believes that is totally detached from reality! Since the 2021 All Star break the Sox never got untracked under La Russa. In my opinion, the proof is in the pudding! Tom Hall

Richard modelski

My comment. WHY

Thomas Hall

As I have stated in other posts, the Sox will continue to backslide as long as La Russa remains manager! I seriously believe that the team has done better in his absence because there has been a level of enthusiasm clearly absent under La Russa. A St. Louis fan posted that he was not a motivator with the Cardinals, and that there were problems between him and minority players. La Russa is part of the old guard! Give Miguel Cairo a chance! He is in his late forties and is Hispanic, which is good for a team with a lot of minority players. Look at how the Cardinals are performing with Oliver Marmol as manager! Thomas Hall

just Jimmy

3 year contract? OY! how did i miss getting THAT info? sigh…we seriously have to endure another season after this one? Can’t we trade him to the WNBA or something?

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