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Top 5 White Sox Trade Chips at the 2022 Trade Deadline

by Michael Suareo

With the AL Central still up for grabs, the Chicago White Sox seem primed to be buyers at this season’s trade deadline. Last year, they made a huge splash at the last minute, trading Nick Madrigal and Codi Heuer for Craig Kimbrel. While the move ultimately didn’t pan out, it showed Rick Hahn and the rest of the front office’s ability to be aggressive in pursuit of a World Series. This year, while the season has been underwhelming, they are still right in the division race and can stand to add some reinforcements to aid in a playoff push.

While some smaller moves at the deadline might be plenty, should the White Sox look to make a splash at the deadline once again, here are the top five trade chips they can use to make high-impact roster additions.

1. Colson Montgomery

The top prospect in the White Sox organization, Colson Montgomery will likely be sought after by other MLB teams in any impactful trade discussion. With a .922 OPS and eight home runs between Low-A and High-A this season, he has been better than expected at the plate early in his career, showing power, bat-to-ball skills, and fantastic plate discipline. On the defensive side, he has done nothing to cause concern about his ability to stick at shortstop, however, he would profile well as a 3B and could most likely handle either corner outfield spot given time.

The White Sox will most likely be hesitant to trade Montgomery for just anything, especially as he rose to a top 40-50 prospect in baseball with the most recent updates to prospect rankings. If he is to be traded, it would most likely be for a true impact player with multiple years of control.

2. Garrett Crochet

The White Sox got creative last season at the deadline by using the then-injured Nick Madrigal as the centerpiece of the Craig Kimbrel trade. With Crochet missing this season due to Tommy John Surgery, it is possible they could look to use a similar approach to add talent to this team. Crochet still features very high upside, and either the Sox or a team trading for him can look to use his recovery as a chance to transition him to a starting pitcher.

Like Montgomery, it is unlikely Crochet would be moved for anything less than an impact player with control beyond the 2022 season.

3. Norge Vera

Most talent evaluators agree that Norge Vera is the top pitching prospect in the White Sox farm system. With a fastball that can touch triple digits and a potential plus curveball, he has the ceiling to be a number two or three starter in an MLB rotation. While his professional experience is limited, he has shown success in his limited opportunities and possesses enough upside that he could be the centerpiece of an impactful trade.

4. Lenyn Sosa

Sosa has had a massive breakout season that saw him earn a brief stint on the MLB roster to fill in for some injuries. His ability to play shortstop combined with his power surge in a league that is tough to hit in (AA) make him one of the more intriguing trade chips that the White Sox possess. It is likely that the Sox see him as the potential long-term solution at 2B, though, so it would require the right trade to entice them to move the young middle infielder.

5. Cristian Mena

Cristian Mena is one of my favorite prospects in this organization, and it is likely that MLB scouts will see him as a valuable trade chip. At just 19 years old, he owns a 2.97 ERA with nearly 10.5 K/9 in 75 2/3 innings between the Low-A and High-A levels. With an easy delivery, a low-to-mid 90’s fastball, and a true plus curveball at his disposal, he should be on any rebuilding team’s radar. Moving Mena may not yield a player with multiple years of control in return, but would likely be part of any return for a more prominent player on a one-year deal.

Honorable Mentions

Eloy Jimenez

It is highly unlikely that the White Sox make Eloy available in trades. However, with his injury history, it shouldn’t be ruled out. MLB teams should still have plenty of interest in Jimenez if he were to become available, as he still possesses immense offensive potential with his plus power and hitting abilities. Moving Eloy is only likely to happen if the Sox hope to put together a competing trade offer for a superstar such as Juan Soto.

Oscar Colas

Colas is likely already one of the Sox most valuable trade chips. However, Colas has spent much of the year shaking off some rust after a three-year hiatus while preparing to sign for an MLB team. On top of that, trading one of the premier international free agents less than a year after signing him could potentially have some backlash in future international signing periods. For these reasons, it isn’t likely that the Sox would entertain trading Colas this season.

Davis Martin

Davis Martin has drastically improved his trade value this season after multiple successful spot starts with the White Sox. While it is very likely that rebuilding clubs would be interested in Martin, the return would have to be worth it for the White Sox, as he has established a valuable role as the 6th starter on this club, while also putting himself firmly in the conversation to be part of the rotation in 2023.

Bryan Ramos/Jose Rodriguez/Yoelqui Cespedes

Ramos, Rodriguez, and Cespedes all likely have a similar level of trade value. All three have had up and down seasons, but all have overall put up above-average offensive numbers and carry some upside. It is likely that a team with an impactful rental player could ask for at least one of these three in return. It is also possible that one or more of them could be added as secondary pieces in a trade package for a more valuable asset.

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This years team is missing the fire they had last year. Last year it was loose, it was fun and there was a palpable desire to win. I don’t see any options out there that I believe would turn the tide this season. And for Gods sake, no Soto (not that I expect them to). The price is far too high.

david lee

Perhaps I’m wrong but I feel the intact Sox are the best team in the AL Central. With all the injuries and inconsistency they’re still only 4 behind Minnesota and 1 behind Cleveland. When Robert returns, they’re lineup and pitching is as good as anyone in the AL except NY&Houston


Yoan Moncada should be mentioned as well.

Wayne Bryant

The next owner of CWS is going to have to commit some serious $$$$ not only on the parent club but in a vast scouting network similar to the Dodgers and the Yankees in order to stockpile elite talent that could be used in trades.

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