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Meet the Team: Nico Andrade

by Nico Andrade

Here at Sox On 35th, we boast a talented and passionate group of contributors that provides coverage all year long. To help you get familiar with our staff, we will be rolling out our “Meet the Team” article series throughout the offseason. In this edition, we get to know our Nico Andrade.

About Me

Hey all! My name is Nico Andrade. I am most likely the youngest member of Sox On 35th as I am only 19 years old. I grew up in Chicago and, I was born into White Sox fandom with my Mom, and Dad being huge sports, and White Sox fans. I’ve been around baseball my entire life, but as I got older, I feel like I’ve only grown closer.

I learned the game from reading books, looking at stats, watching documentaries, playing, and picking my Dad’s brain a bit. Sorry, not sorry Pops. I went on to play at the college level before getting injured, and while I was recovering, I thought to myself – “Well, it may be time for plan B.” So, I sent a DM to Jordan Lazowski asking if Sox On 35th needed any new writers, and here I am. I no longer play baseball, and I am truly thankful for all the great places, memories, and friends I was able to make during my time playing.

Now, I am studying business and communications, and later hope to pursue a degree in journalism, and find a job somewhere in sports. I am a diehard Sox fan, and sometimes I question if baseball and sports in general make my mental state better or worse.

I am really thankful to be a part of a great team here at Sox On 35th.

Fast Facts

  • Page Role: Contributor
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Education/Major: College -Business and Communications

Baseball Fandom

  • Favorite White Sox Player: Current – Dylan Cease/Yoan Moncada, Former – Dayan Viciedo (he’s hitting tanks in NPB currently)
  • Favorite Non-White Sox Player: Current – Francisco Lindor, Former – Tony Gywnn, Ken Griffey Jr.
  • Favorite Thing About Being A White Sox Fan: This might be the most common answer but I love interacting with everyone online via Twitter, Instagram, etc. I also enjoy walking into the ballpark on a summer day. Nothing beats being back at home on 35th and Shields
  • Least Favorite Baseball Teams: The Guardians, Astros, and Cubs. I’d only wear Cubbie blue if they were writing my checks. For Cleveland, it was cemented back when Jason Giambi walked off the Sox with Addison Reed on the mound. As for Houston, they’re just Houston.
  • Favorite White Sox Uniform: Southside City Connect jerseys, and all-white pinstripes. I don’t know why we don’t wear those more. (Bring back the vests too)
  • “Mount Rushmore” Of White Sox Players: Jose Abreu, Mark Buehrle, Frank Thomas, and Paulie.
  • Favorite In-Person White Sox Memory: It’s hard to not say ALDS Game 3 with the Leury homer. I got to live out a lifelong dream to go to a Sox playoff game with my Dad. But my next favorite memory has to be Sunday Night Baseball on May 12, 2013. I remember going to the game for Mother’s Day, the giveaway was a tote bag, and the Sox were playing the Angels. The Pujols, Trout, and Hamilton Angels. Chris Sale was on the mound that night and he was near perfect. If it wasn’t for a guy named Mike Trout …
  • My least Favorite In-Person White Sox Memory: When the Astros scored about 1,000 runs against us on my birthday.
  • Favorite Baseball Movie: Moneyball with Major League not far behind
  • Favorite Baseball Stat: My two favorite stats are wOBA, and W. Wins in the lens of how many wins a team has. I think it is a really basic stat, but at the end of the day you need W’s to take the division, and you need W’s in October. As Billy Bean said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t win the last game of the year”. wOBA is also one of my favorites because it throws together batting average, slugging, and on-base percentage. Aside from a numbers standpoint, my favorite baseball fact or stat is about Tony Gwynn. In 1995, he struck out only 15 times out of his 553 at-bats. Insane.
  • Favorite Ballpark Food: From The Rate, it has to be elotes – underrated. If anyone who’s reading this is from the White Sox’ concessions, bring back the slushies!!
  • Favorite Ballpark: I want to get to all 30 like many people. I’ve been to 11 so far. My favorites are PNC in Pittsburgh and Yankee Stadium. Like a majority of people, I don’t hate the Yankees. Yankee Stadium and its history are chilling when you step foot in that place.
  • Ballpark You Want To Visit: T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Dodger Stadium, and Oracle Park in San Francisco.
  • All-Time Favorite Broadcast Call: This is a tough one. I’d say anything from Doc Emrick. I think he is one of the best broadcasters ever. I personally think calling hockey is so difficult just based on the speed of the game and all the line changes, and keeping up with the players’ names and numbers.

Personal Questions

  • Who would play you in a movie: Ewan McGregor or John Krasinski
  • Favorite Fast Food: Panda Express, Chipotle
  • Favorite TV Show: The Office
  • Favorite Music Artist: Travis Scott, Gunna
  • Do you collect anything: Yes – legos and bobbleheads. It is an unhealthy collection of each.
  • Favorite Professional Teams Aside from Baseball: Packers and Blackhawks
  • If you can eat one meal what would it be: Steak and potatoes. It’s a classic.
  • If you can have dinner with four people who would it be: Ted Williams, Tony Gwynn, Barry Bonds, and Ken Griffey Jr.
  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Perry The Platypus

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