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Meet Chicago Artist Mitch Ransdell of Southside Sharpie

by Joe Binder

With the MLB draft behind us and the specifics of a 2020 season still being negotiated, I figured this break in the action would make for the perfect moment to highlight a member of the White Sox community.

Mitch Ransdell, a lifelong Chicagoan, has recently turned a passion of his into a small business called Southside Sharpie. As the name suggests, all of his drawings are White Sox-related and created only using sharpies.

With his art popping up on my social media feed more frequently, I wanted to ask Mitch about his awesome work and the idea behind it. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became a White Sox fan.

I’ve been a Sox fan since birth. My family’s from the North burbs, but we always rooted for the South Siders. I went to Columbia College for film, which put me a couple of quick Red Line stops away from the ballpark. I got into the habit of going to games after classes ended, and that led to season tickets, and here we are now!

When did your idea for Southside Sharpie come about?

I’ve always loved drawing, but haven’t had much time the last few years. Once COVID-19 hit, I was out of work and had a chance to revisit the hobby. With the season temporarily called off, I was trying to find a way to fill the baseball void, so I watched old games and started drawing from what I saw. I had a few sharpies laying around, and really liked the raw, poster-style look that I got with them. After a lot of friends and family showed interest, I thought I’d try to build it into a little business!

Where do you find the inspiration for your drawings?

I mostly draw from pictures. I usually have a player in mind, and then search online or through books or baseball cards for an interesting shot that would translate well to a sharpie drawing. I’m also addicted to the look of old Comiskey Park, so I get a lot of inspiration from the arched windows and old brick walls.

What is your favorite piece of artwork that you’ve created so far?

I think my favorite drawing so far is one of Shoeless Joe. He has a really great face for drawings – deep eyes, high cheekbones. There’s a mysterious look in his eyes that really plays into his legend.

How can fans purchase your work?

If you’re interested in any of my drawings, you can reach me through Instagram (@southsidesharpie), Twitter (@soxsketcher), or email me at southsidesharpie@gmail.com. I’m also hoping to have a table set up near the ballpark next year where fans can stop and shop. See you guys out there!

Again, a special thanks to Mitch for taking the time to answer these for us! I am also excited to announce that we will be partnering with Southside Sharpie to feature his amazing work across all of our Sox On 35th platforms. We may even have a giveaway or two coming your way (hint, hint).

Keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media (@SoxOn35th) for more!

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