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Luis Robert Leaves Mariners Game with Wrist Injury

by Jordan Lazowski

Luis Robert has been battling a wrist injury for a few weeks now, and the injury flared up once again in his return to action this series. After striking out in his second at-bat of the day, Robert would be replaced by Adam Engel.

Sean Anderson of CHGO Sports has a really good breakdown of the series of events for Robert. Today alone, he battled against getting hit by a pitch on the same left wrist and continued his string of uncomfortable swings at the plate when he didn’t make contact. After getting hit, he even noticeably stepped further away from the plate – something even Gordon Beckham called out on the broadcast.

The White Sox have been hesitant to put Robert on the IL, but given how long it’s been since he’s been able to swing the bat with any confidence, the White Sox will likely explore what a longer-term shutdown might look like for Robert.

We will keep you updated on Robert’s condition as more information becomes available.

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Featured Image: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

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James Clemens

like TLR the season has basically been a wash for Luis Robert.Its hard to understand.

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