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Holiday Gift Guide for White Sox Fans

by Adam Kaplan

‘Tis the season for kissing under the mistletoe, drinking warm cups of hot cocoa, and buying lots of presents for the loved ones in your life. While the MLB is currently locked out, that doesn’t mean your White Sox fandom is. Whether you’re looking for gifts to add to your list or something to give to the South Sider in your life, below is a holiday gift guide for White Sox fans.

White Sox Holiday Pack (whitesox.com)

Get the gift the White Sox fan in your life is guaranteed to love: White Sox tickets. The Chicago White Sox are currently running a promotion for this holiday season. The package comes with vouchers good for six tickets as well as a comfy winter hat and a cozy scarf. Ticket prices vary depending on which seats you’d like to sit in. On the low end is the Upper Reserved where packages start at $79 and on the high end is the Club Corners section where prices start at $229.

Message From Your Favorite Sox Player (cameo.com)

Nick Madrigal Cameo posted by @BrewHandLuke

Get the one thing I guarantee even the biggest White Sox fan in your life does not have: a message from their favorite player. Thanks to Cameo, you can get current players like Jake Burger and Gavin Sheets or former players like Nick Madrigal (above) or Ozzie Guillen to create a personalized video message for you or your loved one. You can save the message and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home, or post to social media to make all of your friends jealous.

Price range varies depending on how “big” or “famous” the person you’re asking to make the video is. For example, a video from Jake Burger will run you about $16, but one from the manager of the 2005 World Series team will cost $50.

I also get the impression host extraordinaire Alyssa Bergamini is available on Cameo.

Shirts and Hoodies From BreakingT

Almost every White Sox fan has a shirt of the team with their favorite logo on it (my personal favorite is the 1983 batter logo), but now they can own gear to show they’re a true fan. Nab a shirt to highlight the Game 3 heroics of Leury Legend or Tim Anderson’s “stalk off” from the greatest regular-season game ever played. These fun and playful shirts are great for lounging around the house or going to a ball game. Click here to access the full array of Sox apparel!

You can get BreakingT designs on a shirt or a hoodie. Sizes range from S to 3XL. Shirts generally go for $30 and hoodies generally go for $55.

Bobbleheads (eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc. )

My own personal Sox bobblehead collection

With the return of regularly scheduled baseball in 2021 came the return of giveaways. I was lucky enough to attend the game right after the Field of Dreams (FOD) game and acquired a replica FOD jersey. But for those who weren’t so lucky to attend games with giveaways, you can still acquire some awesome tchotchkes on the secondary market. That’s where I bought most of the bobbleheads in my modest, yet growing collection as seen above.

The White Sox gave away some pretty cool memorabilia in 2021. Bobbleheads include Yoan Moncada about to make a throw, Lucas Giolito as an X-wing fighter as a Sox/Star Wars cross-promotion, and what I think is the Cream of the Crop, a replica of Tim Anderson’s famous bat flip after he hit a home run against Kansas City’s Brad Keller. The Sox also gave away an alarm clock that is a facsimile of their 1960 scoreboard that I’m personally jealous I don’t have.

Like with anything on the secondary market, prices vary and fluctuate. Though, you can get almost any White Sox bobblehead for $30-$50. However, if you want the Tim Anderson bat flip bobblehead and can get it for less than $75, purchase it and never look back.

Art Work from Tom Paints

No Man Cave or sports shrine would be complete without Chicago-inspired art from Tom Paints. He has work from the Chicago Bulls and Bears, but the highlight of his collection is his White Sox art. Tom boasts beautiful portraits such as Brian Goodwin’s bat flip after his walk-off against Cleveland, a Lego version of Liam Hendriks, or Mark Buehrle’s reaction after his Perfect Game. Prices vary depending on the size of your piece of art and whether you’d like it to come with a frame, but most start at $25.

LINK: PaintedByTom.com

Specialty White Sox Jerseys (sportsworldchicago.com, mycityconnect.online)

All sports jerseys are expensive. However, if you’re going to indulge on the White Sox fan in your life this holiday season, splurging on a new White Sox jersey could be just the treat they were looking for. The White Sox released a couple of new jerseys in 2021 that are so cool, even Chris Sale would have been impressed.

As mentioned earlier, the Field of Dreams game is in the running for one of the best regular-season games ever. Certainly in recent memory. You can commemorate the game with the purchase of a Field of Dreams jersey from Sports World Chicago. The jerseys are cream-colored and have the Old School “S-O-X” logo with the “S” wrapped around the “O” and the X”. Sizes range from S to 4XL and cost about $200.

The other major new jersey release of the past season was the City Connect jerseys. They’re black with “Southside” written on its front. The Sox City Connect jerseys sold out almost immediately upon both release and re-release, but still appear to be in stock on mycityconnect.online. Though, full disclosure, a Tim Anderson jersey is selling for about $70, which makes me question the site’s claim these jerseys are “officially licensed” or that they’re actually of quality. But they still look cool, so you never know.

Do you have any fun holiday gifts? Share them in the comments below!

Featured Photo: Chicago White Sox / Twitter

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