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Fan Perspective: The Start of My White Sox Fandom

by Sox On 35th Contributors

The following is a guest post written by White Sox fan Jovanni Tavares.

It was sometime around 2005. I was just a kid starting Middle school who had not really taken too much of an interest in sports at the time. My life consisted of staying cooped up in my room and constantly playing video games. My dad wanted to help mold some new interests and hobbies for me, so I started to watch White Sox games with him. What a magical moment in time for me.

Me and him started watching the Sox together in ’05 and it just so happened to be the year that the Sox were going to have a run that wasn’t denied. Something about that 2005 team warranted my attention. The energy and passion they had. It had became official, I was hooked to baseball and I started to become a HARDCORE fan.

Watching the postseason run was just incredible. They were dominant. The infamous Pierzynski play, Ozzie Guillen managing, Scott Podsednik’s home run, and man, oh man, Joe Crede’s constant clutch plays. It was just such a memorable season. What a year to pick to start watching baseball and the Sox, huh? They won the World Series. Once it was done, I told my pops, “I think I like baseball.”

I even got to the point where I had met new friends that I started playing baseball with. I got my first MLB video game too. I had gotten the 2K video game for that year and won the World Series as well with the Sox. I’ve been a hardcore White Sox fan ever since.

It all started with my dad showing me a baseball game in 2005 with a team that was gonna hold my attention and not let it go. Fast-forward to 2021 and I’m as excited as ever with these new core of guys we have, because the energy and vibe I feel with this team is the same I felt back in ’05. So here’s to hoping we get another World Series trophy.


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frank alberts

I like the looks of the team. Made some nice moves. Maybe one more Kyle hit drinks from the cubs. Just a thought for one or two year deal. Maybe that fourth starter?

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