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Guaranteed Rate Field Report Card: Share Your Feedback!

by Sox On 35th Staff

This past weekend, the White Sox opened up the second half in front of massive crowds. There was a reported attendance of at least 34,100 for each of the three games against Houston, presenting some of the largest numbers over a three-game span in recent memory.

Along with the crowds also came some incredibly long lines both inside the stadium and out. Here’s a little taste of what many of you dealt with:

To see which areas around Guaranteed Rate Field need some fixing, we want to hear from you! Please help us gather responses by filling out the below survey and sending it to any friends, family, etc. who might be interested. We will be releasing the results on our Thursday night podcast and then in an article on Friday morning.

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Patrick Rocchio

My understanding is that management lacks the staffing (employees and contractors) necessary to provide prompt concession services, to direct vehicles in an orderly and timely manner to available parking, and to streamline entry and exit from the stadium. The problem is not dissimilar to the experience of restaurant and other types of recreational attractions. The problems need to be fixed as soon as possible by the White Sox.

Buster H.

Nearly an hour to get out of the parking lot after the game.
No Sox parking lot employees in sight.
No city traffic aides moving traffic along.
Had to sit thru 3 stop lights westbound on 37th with not a car going north or south.
Traffic aides could keep lights on green to move exiting traffic quicker.

DUH !!

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