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COMING SOON: “The Catbird Seat” Game Show

by Jordan Lazowski

Here at Sox On 35th, we are always trying to bring you new and exciting content – and especially content that you can get involved in. Because of this, we are happy to announce the creation of our new game show “The Catbird Seat” that all of you can be a part of!

Here are some rough details on how the game will work:

  1. There are two teams of 3-5 members per team (still TBD).
  2. There are 7 categories of White Sox-related questions and five questions per category.
  3. The goal is to win 4 of the 7 categories in order to win the game! A classic seven-game series.
  4. How do you win a category? Win 3 of the 5 head-to-head question matchups per category!

It all comes down to who knows White Sox Baseball the best – and who can answer the fastest!

There will be more details to come of course, but this game show will be filled with plenty of fun and prizes

We will start recording episodes as the season begins – and you all have a chance to win your way onto one of the shows! Here’s one of the first ways you can do it:

  1. Vote for me (Jordan Lazowski) in the 108 Tourney poll below.
  2. Prove you’ve done so by screenshotting your vote or replying #VoteLaz.
  3. Hope you get the lucky call!

We’re all looking forward to what is going to be plenty of fun. Stay tuned for more details as they become available, and thanks as always for following along with us!

Featured Drawing: Jordan Lazowski

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