If you go around and ask the members of our crew, I can guarantee each person will tell you that White Sox baseball has been a part of their lives from a very young age. Over these past several years, it’s been our goal to take our combined passion for the team and translate it across several platforms for other fellow fans. 

The formation of Sox On 35th officially happened back in December 2016 after Rick Hahn completed a pair of monster trades that brought back a handful of highly touted prospects. After years of frustration, you could feel a new life had entered the organization and fanbase. I knew then that it would be the perfect time to officially join White Sox Twitter with a brand new account – Sox On 35th. Being from the East Coast, it provided me with a great way of connecting with the team, keeping a closer eye on the farm system, and feeling the pulse of the fanbase while keeping others informed at the same time. 

Once the season got underway, I thought it would be great to have another platform to voice opinions in more than a couple hundred characters. That’s when I formed our website. I put out a tweet, gathered a team of contributors, and we took off from there. Since June of 2017, we’ve grown exponentially, offering new types of content in written form, on the podcast side of things, and across social media.

Speaking of social media, we expanded to include both Facebook and Instagram, which combined with Twitter, has a following of over 35,000 loyal fans from around the world.

With Sox On 35th, you can expect to find the latest news, updates, opinions, and more in all that we do. Our goal is to provide you, the fans, with the best White Sox experience on the web.

Thanks for all of the great support over the years, and let’s keep it going. Ride with us or get run over!

– Joe Binder, Founder