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Introducing the White Sox G.O.A.T. Bracket

by Joe Binder

Alright, I’m bored. You’re bored. We’re all bored. It’s time to do a little something to kill the time over the next week or so. With it being March without any sports-related madness, we’re kind of obligated to do a bracket of some sort so here it is:

As stated by the name, we’re going to let y’all decide who is the greatest White Sox player of all-time. Our crew decided to break this one down by a few different time periods and include the best eight players from each. Keep in mind, all voting will take place on our Instagram story – @SoxOn35th – so make sure to follow us over there!

Here’s when you can expect to vote on each matchup!

  • First Round 1900-1940s: Monday, March 23rd
  • First Round 1980-1990s: Tuesday, March 24th
  • First Round 1950-1970s: Wednesday, March 25th
  • First Round 2000s: Thursday, March 26th
  • Second Round 1900-1940s and 1980s-1990s: Friday, March 27th
  • Second Round 1950-1970s and 2000s: Saturday, March 28th
  • Final Four: Sunday, March 29th
  • Championship: Monday, March 30th

Again, all of this will be taking place over on the story of our Instagram account which is the same handle as our Twitter – @SoxOn35th – so be sure to follow along and join in on the fun! We will also be running plenty more polls following this bracket so stay tuned for even more content over the next few days and weeks.

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