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White Sox Update: Robert, Madrigal, Anderson, Week Ahead

by Joe Binder

Just like that, the first weekend of spring training is winding down. Before we approach the new week, which finally contains some game action, here’s the latest news and notes from Arizona:

Luis Robert Arrives in Arizona

La Pantera is back! Luis Robert made it to Camelback Ranch and took part in his first workouts of the spring. Based on early reports from the beat writers, he’s looking pretty damn good.

Robert also met with the media where the following was discussed:

  • Expectations for the season – “My goals are just to get ready for the season, do my best, and if the team gives me the chance to start the season in the major leagues, just perform.”
  • Advice from Moncada and Jimenez – Robert said the other guys gave him some advice on what he will face throughout the season, and how he can manage and improve in certain areas.
  • Confidence from last year – “I think my mind is strong and in the right place. What I did last year reinforced all the things that I know that I can do on the field…. One of the things that I learned was that I need to make adjustments as quick as possible, because I know that in the major leagues I won’t have much time to waste.”
  • Pressure because of expectations? – “Not really, because since I signed with the team, I know that the expectations have been high but it hasn’t affected me at all. This year, it won’t be any different. I know I just need to do my work.”
  • When he felt ready for the Major Leagues – Robert said after his first month in Triple-A Charlotte, he felt he was ready to make the leap to the South Side.
  • New neck tattoo – “It means warrior in Chinese.” He got it about a month ago and he “considers himself a warrior” after his journey to America from Cuba.
  • Relationship with Rick Renteria – “To have a Latino manager is good because it makes the communication easier.”
  • Contract extension – The only thing that the contract changed was the certainty that I was going to start the year in the majors. But besides that, I still know that I have to work hard. I need to improve, I need to develop my game, and that’s my goal during spring training.”
  • Areas working to improve during the spring – Robert says that he will look to improve all aspects of his game during spring training.

Nick Madrigal shows up with added muscle

As for the other top prospect, Nick Madrigal’s first day at Camelback came a day earlier on Saturday. NBC Sports Chicago noted a difference he saw in Madrigal’s build:

Tim Anderson’s Saturday Quotes

On Saturday, Tim Anderson met with the media and talked about everything from his goals to his training:

  • Expectations – “Everybody knows what we are here to do. We are here to win a championship, and we are here to take it all. We have a chance to do something crazy. It’s a playoff lineup. That’s what everybody is talking about, right? So why not own up to it and set the bar high, go to the playoffs and win the championship.”
  • Overall Atmosphere – “Yeah, I get a winning vibe, all positive and winning vibes,” in reference to the White Sox overall atmosphere.
  • Last year’s accomplishments – “That’s something we already did. We are not talking about what we already did. We want to go do something different. Why not go get more?”
  • On winning a gold glove in the future – “It’s definitely in my goals. I’m not saying I’m going to get it this year. Not saying next year. We don’t know when it will be but I know I will get one.”
  • Training – “My overall game, I can’t tell you enough how good I want to be, how hard I work. I just come to the ballpark every day to perfect my craft, and I want to be the best.”
  • Aggressiveness at the plate – “Why not? It got me the batting title. So, why not? I’m not going to change anything.”

TA7/FotoGenocide Launch YouTube Channel

This weekend, Timmy launched a YouTube channel with Chicago-based photographer Chris Tejeda (@FotoGenocide_). As mentioned in his first video, Anderson said the channel will focus on his personal life and overall values. For more information, check out my recent article on the matter by clicking here and stay tuned because it looks like a new video will be dropping soon!

Gio Gonzalez Making Progress

Gio Gonzalez is progressing nicely in his recovery from a sore shoulder. On Saturday, he said he felt good and that he is making “good progress.”

White Sox advance to FOX Sports’ Elite 8 Poll

In case you missed it, FOX Sports is running a Twitter poll on their account to determine which MLB fan base is the best. The seeding was determined by the amount of Twitter followers each team account has. The White Sox, a five-seed, have already faced and defeated the Kansas City Royals and New York Yankees to advance to the Elite 8. Now, the South Siders are up against the Colorado Rockies and already have a sizable lead.

Be sure to vote and share so we can win this thing!

Week Ahead

We have a busy week coming up with Monday marking the official reporting date for all position players, and the team’s first full spring workout. Then, game action returns on Saturday when the Sox take on the Angels at Camelback Ranch. First pitch is scheduled for 2:05 PM CT.

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Featured Photo: Chris Tejeda

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