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Tale of the Tape: White Sox 5, Red Sox 3

by Jordan Lazowski

Here at Sox On 35th, we will be continuing our game recaps this offseason with a throwback to the 2005 Playoffs. Each day that, 14 years ago, the White Sox had a playoff game, we will recap it for you! Make sure to vote for Player of the Game every game, so that we can determine who you, the fans, thought were the MVPs of the 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox! Now, let’s take this journey back to October 7, 2005…

The 2005 White Sox did something today that no White Sox team since 1959 has done: win a playoff series. With the offense continuing to put up runs and “El Duque” Orlando Hernandez throwing a miraculous 6th inning, the White Sox defeated the Red Sox 5-3 and punched their ticket to the American League Championship Series.

W: Freddy Garcia (1-0) | L: Tim Wakefield (0-1) | S: Bobby Jenks (2)

The Good

  • Orlando Hernandez: 3 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 4 K

The Bad

Moment of the Game

Iguchi. Konerko. Sweep. Clinch.

Stats On 35th: Let’s Break this one down By the Numbers

Today’s Numbers:

61.6/-21.6, 67, 86, 4, 8


Today’s MVP and LVP, in terms of Win Probability Added (WPA) are Orlando Hernandez (61.6%) and Damaso Marte (-21.6%). This is a perfect pairing, because Marte’s rough outing is what led to Hernandez’s MVP outing. Bases loaded, no outs. Need I say more?


Continuing with that magical sixthinning for Hernandez: before he came into the game, the Red Sox had a 67% chance of winning the game. After “El Duque” worked his magic? It was the White Sox who had a 68% chance of winning the game. What a turnaround of events.


With his stolen base in Game 3, A.J. Pierzynski became the White Sox catcher to steal a base in the playoffs since Ray Schalk in the 1919 World Series. Crazy enough, Pierzynski stole his base exactly 86 years after Schalk stole his on October 7, 1919.


The White Sox enjoyed their doubles today. Game 3 was the 15th time this entire season that the White Sox have hit at least four doubles in a game. This was the first time they did it in the playoffs since October 1, 1959, in the World Series against the Dodgers.


Three wins down. Eight to go. Bring on the ALCS.

Player of the Game

Who will capture the final Player of the Game Award for the ALDS? And who will you name ALDS MVP? Make sure to look for our poll on Twitter later today!

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