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White Sox 2019 Player Projections

by Mario Conforti

After the long (and largely underwhelming) offseason, Opening Day is finally upon us.  While experts certainly are not picking the White Sox to be a playoff team this year, the expectation is that the team will take a big step forward.  The AL Central likely will shape up to be one of the weakest divisions in baseball, so the opportunities for the young core of Jimenez, Moncada, Anderson, and Co. will be there for the taking.

Development will be the focal point of this season. Fans will be watching to see if former top prospects such as Moncada and Giolito can finally meet their lofty expectations.  With a lot of variables and question marks clouding the outlook of the 2019 season, many are uncertain as to what to expect from this team.  Luckily that’s what Sox On 35th is for!  A few members of the crew put together our individual player projections, and below are the averaged results from Joe Binder, Mario Conforti, Jordan Lazowski, and Tim Moran.  Check it out and let us know some of your own predictions as well!



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