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Graphic Designer Creates NHL Style Uniforms for All 30 MLB Teams

by Joe Binder

Ever wonder what your favorite MLB team’s uniform might look like if they were an NHL team? If so, then you’re in luck. A graphic designer, who goes by “Ferry Designs,” recently released renditions of NHL style uniforms for all 30 MLB teams. Let’s just say, all of them are amazing.

“With baseball ending and hockey starting, I wanted to bridge the gap between the two. It was just a fun idea I had,” the graphic designer said.

It did take some time for the St. Louis designer to decide on what logos each team would have for their NHL jerseys.

“I looked into a lot of the history behind each team,” Ferry Designs added. “I didn’t want to do any disservices, even though I missed a few things.”

When it came to the White Sox, the graphic designer used the classic logo with a large “S” that contained a smaller “O” and “X” in between each curve. The logo was used by the organization between 1912-1917, as well as a slightly modified version from 1936-1938. The color scheme of the hockey-style uniforms remained consistent with the team’s current colors of black, white, and gray. The end result, a sharp and clean product.

“With the White Sox design, a cousin of mine has an awesome old school Sox hat with that logo and I’ve always liked it.”

In the past 24 hours alone, Ferry Designs has received a lot of well-deserved attention for his great work. Local to even national sports media figures and organizations have shared the designs across social media in what has turned into a viral sensation.

“The recognition has been awesome. Honestly, I’m surprised they caught on like this but I’m happy everyone seems to be enjoying them,” the graphic designer said.

To see more of the work by Ferry Designs, be sure to check out his Twitter and Instagram – @FerryDesigns.

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