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“Machado Mania” Comes to an End… For Now

by Joe Binder

After a wild week of rumors, it appears that the Baltimore Orioles will not be trading Manny Machado, per Dan Clark. Sox On 35th confirmed with Clark who said, “no suitable offers were presented.” This news comes shortly after Baltimore announced their closer Zach Britton ruptured his Achilles and will miss at least six months.

The White Sox emerged as a potential trade candidate for Machado during the Winter Meetings last week after word leaked that the team had made an offer. It later turned out that the White Sox not only made a very strong offer, but they were considered to be the most aggressive suitor for the star third baseman. This sent much of White Sox Twitter into a frenzy as many debated whether or not it would be worth it for the organization to give up prospects in a trade for one year of Machado, when they could just wait until he becomes a free agent in 2018.

Here is a timeline of the rumors, as seen on Twitter:

While this seems to mark the end of the Manny Machado rumors for the time being, fans should expect to see his name float around again next offseason. The rumors over the past week or so have signaled that the White Sox are very interested in having Machado be a part of the organization’s future plans. Because of the team’s low payroll, they will have the money to make an aggressive move to try and lock up Machado long-term. If one thing is for certain, next offseason will be a wild ride.


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