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Interview with White Sox Prospect Tyler Danish

by Nik Gaur

Tyler Danish, a right handed pitching prospect for the Chicago White Sox, is often overlooked by fans and rankings due to the recent acquisitions by the team. Danish, who recently turned 23, was drafted by the Sox out of high school for a reason. Recently, I got the chance to ask him some questions on his background and future goals.

You went 94 innings with zero earned runs during your senior year of high school, which gave the White Sox the confidence to draft you in the 2nd round of the draft. How did that year help you grow? 

It helped me have confidence in myself. I went out that summer and played against some of the best players in my class and I did well. I brought it into my senior season and just tried to enjoy it and not put too much pressure on myself. But I think confidence in myself is what I took away from that year.

I understand you recently suffered a dislocated shoulder after a car crash that, as you put it, left you feeling “unbelievably blessed”. Has this incident had any other impact on your life?

It has. Life’s a blessing and you never ever know when it could be taken away. I think I now approach life with a whole different outlook.

What about your baseball career has made you the proudest as of now? 

I think getting my first win of my career last year. So many people told me I would never be a starter in the big leagues and for me to get there and just get a win was huge for me.

What is your main goal heading into the 2018 season? 

The goal is to just come in and be the best I can be everyday and just try to get an opportunity to make that team out of camp in whatever role that could be.

What are you most excited about when it comes to the future of the White Sox?

I’m just excited to hopefully be a part of the team that brings a World Series back to the South Side!


Danish knows that he has a lot of competition, but he seems determined to overcome his challenges. I’d like to thank Tyler Danish for taking the time to answer questions for us.

You can follow Tyler Danish on Twitter (@danish_Tyler7) and Instagram (@tdanish7).

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