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Moncada’s Hustle Provides Hope During Losing Streak

by Joe Binder

Once again, Friday night's White Sox game in Kansas City was filled with a lot of hype surrounding top prospect, Yoan Moncada. After receiving a warm reception at "The Rate" on Wednesday, Moncada embarked on his first road trip with the Sox. As all eyes turned to television sets in the second inning, Yoan did not disappoint. Despite grounding out to first, it was enough to score Avi from third and give Moncada his first RBI in a White Sox uniform. Then, his next at bat sent Sox fans and Twitter users into a frenzy. "YoMo" unloaded on a ball to left-center, with the bases loaded, 2 outs, and 2 strikes on him. It was something that seemed like it was out of a movie. The bases cleared and Moncada's hustle gave him a 3-RBI triple. It was an incredible moment for not only Moncada, but for the White Sox faithful as it provided a light at the end of the tunnel. It proved there is great potential in these prospects who will continue to come up to the majors over the next several months and seasons. While this flash of light was brief, it was a welcomed sight to all who were watching. Unfortunately, poor pitching once again contributed to the Sox losing the ballgame. While this is frustrating to watch, it's important to remember that every loss will ultimately help the Sox earn a higher draft pick in 2018. Of course, some fans can't stand watching James Shields or the bullpen giving up run after run, but we must keep the bigger picture in mind. We, fans, cannot lose sight of the future. Do we all want to see the Sox win now? Yes. But if the team can't win and ends up losing, it can only helps build the farm system even more next season, and puts the Sox in a better position to compete starting in 2019. Until then, we still have Moncada's at bats and development to look forward to, as well as more prospects being called up during the final two months of the season. Hang in there, everybody! Good times are coming.

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