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When Can We Expect the Future?

by Sox On 35th Contributors

With a 32-39 record and sitting in the lower portion of the the American League Central, a lot of our attention as White Sox fans has shifted toward the future. It’s true, our success lies ahead. But the question has to be asked, How far ahead? Our farm system currently sits at No. 3 overall by MLB.com, but many consider our farm even better than that. We’ve heard the big names like Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech, Lucas Giolito, and even more recently, Luis Robert. The list goes ON AND ON. The bottom line is: We have a great farm system, so when are we going to use it?

The short answer is, soon. The longer answer is, probably not as soon as you would like. White Sox General Manager Rick Hahn has said repeatedly that they are in no rush to call up any major prospects and that the White Sox have their eyes set on the goal of sustained success in Chicago. However, we may see some of our future talent show up in the big leagues as soon as this season.

The White Sox previewed Jacob May and Cody Asche earlier this year, however, neither of them proved themselves capable of “sustained success.” In 36 at bats, May had a .056 batting average and 3 RBI’s. Ashe shared similar stats with 56 at bats, yet batting only .105 and 4 RBI’s. Kevan Smith, Willy Garcia, and Adam Engel have been added to the lineup recently, and while having slow starts, have begun to prove their talent and competitiveness in the big leagues and may have a future on the roster.

Despite this, the question still remains: WHEN WILL WE SEE OUR STAR PROSPECTS?! Analysts say that the most likely to make an appearance later this season are Yoan Moncada and Reynaldo Lopez. Moncada (3B) was acquired during the offseason in the Chris Sale trade,  while Lopez (RHP) was acquired through the Adam Eaton trade. Each are having such a spectacular year in AAA Charlotte that they are making it very difficult for the White Sox to keep them in the minors at this time. Moncada is batting .282 with 25 RBI’s and Lopez is pitching 5-3 with a 3.91 ERA and a 1.32 WHIP. Even with these impressive numbers, each have been KILLING IT lately in Charlotte.

With Jose Quintana, David Robertson, Todd Frazier, Derrick Holland, and even Melky Cabrera on the trading block for the Chicago White Sox, we may start seeing some of these big name prospects be called up later this season. The White Sox have no intention on making a run for the playoffs this season or even next season, so there is no rush. We as fans, however, are anxious to see the talent that Rick Hahn has been stirring up. Rumors have it that later this season, big names like Yoan Moncada and Reynaldo Lopez are probably going to see the big leagues and as soon as next spring, Lucas Giolito, Zach Burdi, Michael Kopech may make their appearances in the majors. This excludes any potential talent we may receive from future trades this season.

The bottom line is to not be discouraged by our season this year, as we have a lot of talent cooking in the minors. As fans, we must keep our eyes on the prize, which exists in the years to come. As always, #TrustTheProspects.


Photo Credit: Laura Wolff (@laurawolffphoto)

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